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Dry-process Cement Production Line Needs What Kinds Equipmen

People who have knowledge of construction industry all knows that in cement preparation, the natural raw materials we used are mainly limestone and clay, in addition to a small amount of silica material and aluminum iron material, to adjust cement composition. After crushing, these materials will be ground into cement raw materials. In the new type dry-process cement production line, it has a high requirement on production technology and production capacity. So it is necessary to select suitable grinding and crushing equipment according to raw materials.

Calcareous raw materials generally include limestone, marlstone, marble and so forth. In raw material crushing, limestone has a high hardness, in particular the limestone with high content of silicon. Hammer crusher is a powerful device, so it's able to reduce the cost to crush limestone for cement enterprises. Impact crusher can easily solve the crushing problems of malmstone, sand and coal gangue.

Impact crusher is suitable for crushing large-block materials. The angle of the counter plate is adjustable, so as to ensure the counter plate between the rotor and counterattack board at a right angle and greatly improve the crushing efficiency. Natural clay materials mainly refers to soil, loess, shale, mudstone, ore fines, frost boil, etc. Roller crusher is currently the most common crushing equipment for clay and mudstone on the market.

In order to make clear crushing machine's efficiency, the unit power consumption needs to be taken into consideration. The new type dry-process cement production system has higher fuel flexibility, superior to other production processes.

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