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Cement Clinker Production Line,Cement Production Equipment

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A Brief Introduction to Cement Clinker Production Line

Cement Clinker Production Line, which is short for Dry Process Cement Clinker Production Process, is a production line composed by a complete set of cement equipments that mainly include cement rotary kiln, cyclone preheater and grate cooler. The cement making process is mainly composed by crushing and crushing and prehomogenization, preparation of raw materials, preheating and precalcinating, calcinating of cement clinker and packaging of cement powders.

The Production Means of Cement Making Plant

The silicate cement clinker production technology is representative of the cement equipment, and it uses limestone and clay as the main raw materials, and after crushing, burdening and grinding, the raw materials are sent to the cement kiln to be burnt to become clinker. Then gypsum is added to it and the clinker will be ground to become the final cement. Due to the difference of manufacturing methods of raw materials, the cement making machine has two different production means: dry method and wet method.

(1) Dry type cement production process technology. As for this production technology, the raw materials are dried and ground at the same time, or first dried and ground to become powders and then fed into the dry kiln to be burnt to become clinker.

(2) Wet type cement production process technology. As for this production technology, the raw materials are ground with water to become slurry, and then fed into the wet kiln to be burnt to become clinker.

The Main Cement Equipments Used in Dry Process Cement Clinker Production Process

(1) Cement rotary kiln is a main machine used for calcinating cement clinker and it has been widely used in cement, metallurgy and chemistry. This rotary cement kiln has the features of simple structure, reliable operation and easy control of the production process.

(2) Cyclone preheater is suitable for being equipped with various kiln types and it can be widely used for the construction and renovation of large, medium and small-sized cement plant.

(3) Grate cooler is quenching cooler whose working principle is that use the air blower to blow cold air to quench the stratiform clinker on the grid plate, making the temperature of the clinker plunge from 1200℃ to below 100℃.

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