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The detail analysis of Cement Clinker Production Line Prehea

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Introduction to Cement Clinker Production Line Preheater:

The Cement Clinker Production Line Preheater is also named precalciner. Integrating precalciner into the cyclone system is one way to improve energy use. Utilizing heated air from the cooler, precalciners dramatically improve the system’s thermal efficiency. This method has grown tremendously since the 70’s energy crisis.Precalciners also help reduce fuel costs by optimizing the burning of cheaper waste and low-grade fuels. However, there are some special considerations for lining the precalciner, and appropriate refractory precautions must be taken when burning waste fuels.

Main Structures of Cement Clinker Production Line Preheater:

1. The upper feeding system includes the upper hopper, the next material possession, the next feeding method and structure can guarantee to the pre-heater of the body feeding to achieve security when closed, so that the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater, and feeding can make use of valve rod to achieve continuous or intermittent feeding.

2. Cement Clinker Production Line Preheater body: it is to ensure that material preheated to 900 degrees Celsius of the most important part; it is composed of warm room, hanging devices and brick lining (which does not belong to the scope of design and manufacturing equipment) and other parts. That the lining structure, novel design and good sealing of the refractory bricks can guarantee materials in pre-heater evenly and to achieve pre-heating temperature.

3. Pusher devices are mainly made up of pusher head, framework, connecting rods and other parts of pusher head. Together use of heat-resistant steel casting or welded can withstand high temperatures, and application of electronic control and hydraulic systems can achieve sequential pusher.

4. The hydraulic system includes tanks, pumps, motors, solenoid valves, and hydraulic tubing, etc., and its main role is to control the pusher device to complete the pusher action.

5. Feeding chamber in the power part is mainly include slide tube, the main body of the feeding chamber, feeding slip mouth and so on, and its main role is to import the materials after preheating into the rotary kiln to calcinate.

6. Framework includes columns, beam and so on, and its main role is to bear the weight of the upper part of the machine.

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