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A new method of wind lock for vertical mill feed

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The vertical mill, as a windswept mill, must work under the condition of negative pressure.The system air leakage must be reduced as much as possible to realize the function of air lock while ensuring the normal feeding amount of the vertical mill.A new method of wind lock for vertical mill feed

vertical mill

As shown in the photo, the wind lock function is completed by the variable diameter screw conveyor, that is, in the process of conveying incoming materials, the screw conveyor compacts the materials and fills the housing by changing the diameter to realize the wind lock.

1. The principle of wind lock is

The incoming material will be sent to the diameter change through the front spiral blade to become densified and fill the shell into the storage area, forming a tight seal area. Through the continuous push of the screw and extrusion of the material, the material will continuously enter the discharge pipe of the vertical mill center.

vertical mill

This type of air lock has obvious advantages over other types of seal.Because the design capacity of rotary feeder is far greater than the capacity of the vertical mill, more cold air is fed into the feed at the same time, and the surrounding clearance will also enter a lot of cold air under the high negative pressure of the vertical mill, the main reason is that the shape is not reliable seal.Compared with the current improved feeding air lock system of silo + positive displacement feeder + weighing scale, this new type of air lock has the characteristics of simple equipment, easy arrangement and few fault points.

2. Advantages of screw conveyor for vertical mill feeding


Screw feeding has obvious advantages.

Theoretically speaking, it can be considered that the material seal completely isolates the contact between the mill and the outside world and can completely block the cold air from entering the mill.

screw conveyer

(1) variable screw conveying can pass the gradual compaction and hoarding of materials, which can eliminate the leakage of materials into the vertical mill.

(2) compared with more precise volumetric feeding, the failure rate and clogging probability are reduced, and the maintenance is relatively simple.Variable screw conveyor, one machine more, convenient layout, simple transformation.

(3) compared with the bin + volume feeder + scale, the failure rate is low, the investment is small and the control is simple.

(4) compared with other forms of feeder, central feeding can be realized and local impact wear of feeding tube in the opposite grinding center can be avoided.

(5) good air lock is achieved, which effectively improves the utilization rate of hot air, reduces the load of the system dust collector, and provides favorable conditions for extending the life of the filter bag and realizing ultra-low discharge.

(6) even if the vertical mill is shut down, there is always material seal at the end of the conveyor, which still plays a good sealing role.

This new method can meet the requirement of water content less than 20%.The machine head and tail are equipped with external support devices and grease pipelines, which can be directly transferred to the grease lubrication station during the transformation to ensure the bearing life.At the same time, the blade has high - quality wear - resistant material, greatly increased the use cycle of the product.

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