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Anti - dust technique of jaw crusher

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The work of jaw crusher will produce a lot of dust, which is not environmental protection, but also affects the efficiency of production.

1. Existing problems of dust control system

The dust removal measures of PE double swing jaw crusher of a mining company mainly include spray and dust absorption.

The actual dust control effect in the production site is not very ideal, the main reasons are:

(1) the amount of dust produced by the crusher is large and the density is high;

(2) the dust hood is far away from the dust outlet and the Angle design is unreasonable, which makes dust easy to diffuse and difficult to collect;

(3) the spray head water is low, and the atomization effect is not good;

(4) less spray head, only one at each entrance and exit;

(5) the back chamber of the crusher, that is, the lining plate and spring seat is not set with dust prevention device, about 25% of the dust can not be collected.

jaw crusher

2. Renovation measures


In the structure and process to improve, from the source to reduce the generation of dust.

In the operation process of jaw crusher, the amount of dust produced has an important relationship with the amount of ore passing through, crushing efficiency, etc., and the density of tooth plate teeth, tooth shape, the degree of fastening between tooth plate and the body and the degree of wear of tooth plate are important factors that constitute the crushing efficiency.

Under normal circumstances, the ore before entering the crushing chamber has a screening, only more than the size of the sieve ore will enter the crusher for crushing.However, under the existing conditions, the sieve is easily blocked. If the sieve is not dredged in time, a large amount of ore will all go into the crusher, which may cause the ore that can pass through the sieve without necessarily breaking into the crusher.

Therefore, the production of dust will greatly increase, so in order to better control the source of dust production, it is necessary to timely eliminate the fault of screen blockage, and reduce the production of dust as much as possible.


2.1 reasonable selection of tooth plate to improve crushing efficiency

The original crusher tooth plate not only has fewer teeth and larger tooth shape, which is not conducive to crushing iron ore with higher hardness. After analysis and comparison, the tooth number is increased by three teeth and the tooth shape is smaller than the original tooth plate, through the actual application of crushing efficiency increased by about 10%, the amount of dust produced is significantly reduced.

2.2 tooth fastening plate

Jaw crusher in the process of operation produces frequent impact load, ore and tooth plate frequent impact, extrusion, easy to happen in the use of fixed tooth plate and movable jaw plate loose or fall off phenomenon, especially the fixed tooth plate.

Once the tooth plate loosens or falls off, the crushing efficiency of the crusher will be seriously reduced, resulting in the ore staying in the crushing chamber for a long time, resulting in the ore and tooth plate friction for many times and producing a lot of dust.To this end, the tooth plate must be fixed reliably, also from the source to reduce dust production.


2.3 replace the dulled tooth plate in time

When the tooth is blunt, it will increase the contact area with the ore, form a larger pressure solid core, and will consume a lot of crushing power, but also lead to a lot of dust production.

jaw crusher

2.4 improve the traction speed of subsequent ore transportation at the outlet of crusher

Adjusting the discharge follow-up conveying speed not only can make the crusher reach the best working state, but also can achieve the effect of dust control.Practice has proved that, under the guarantee of bearing range and production capacity of each subsequent procedure, the traction speed is appropriately increased, and the dust secondary raising amount is less.

2.5 improve spray flow rate

The higher the water pressure is, the more effective the dust settlement will be, and the higher the spray flow will be, the higher the dust removal efficiency will be. In the past, industrial circulating water was used, which not only has low pressure (0.2mpa), but also has poor water quality. The spray amount is often insufficient, and the spray nozzle is easily blocked.

The independent water pump supply system of the dust control system is used, and the water pressure is adjusted to over 0.6mpa. The spray nozzle with good atomization quality and large spray Angle is selected. At the same time, the natural water is collected as the water source according to the geographical characteristics of the mine, which greatly reduces the blockage of the spray nozzle and achieves better dust removal effect.


2.6 reasonably increase spray nozzle

In the operation process of jaw crusher, the source of dust is mainly in the crushing cavity, in the crushing cavity and the outlet will form internal pressure and a more obvious airflow, so the dust produced is mainly to discharge the outlet and the crusher open access (that is, the position of the movable jaw rod spring) a large number of discharge, followed by diffusion.

Therefore, the main dust emission points must be effectively controlled in order to curb the diffusion of dust and eliminate most dust in the bud.Now according to the actual situation, in every set of three points for two spray nozzle, namely crushing cavity, crusher discharging mouth ahead or 45 ° downwards and crusher access port, at the same time, each pair of spray mouth formed certain cross point of view, in order to get the best spray area and effect, so basically could fall by about 70%.


2.7 improve the location of dust removal facilities

The dust cover of the machine shall be adjusted to about 1m from the dust outlet and perpendicular to the direction of dust flow according to the actual conditions. Meanwhile, the axial flow fan shall be set at about 1/3 of the front of the ventilation duct.The fan works best.

2.8 dust hood is set at the spring pull rod

According to the actual site, because the crusher work, the crushing chamber volume change leads to a large number of airflow, and here with a large number of dust airflow and dust is higher, if you can install a dust hood in the dust outlet, and does not affect the operation, maintenance, maintenance of the crusher, it will be very effective.

2.9 humidifying materials

In the actual production process, the raw ore before entering the crusher is humidified, which can effectively reduce the dust rate generated in the crushing process of ore.

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