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Causes and treatment measures of several typical vibration of rotary kiln

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Customers who have used the cement rotary kiln have basically encountered the vibration of the rotary kiln's large tooth ring.Generally, there are three major reasons for mechanical, technological and electrical reasons.Causes and treatment measures of several typical vibration of rotary kiln


1. Vibration caused by mechanical reasons and treatment

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1.1 the closing bolt is loose or broken

After the closure bolt of large gear ring becomes loose or broken, the pitch of gear increases. When meshing with the pinion, the rotary kiln will vibrate due to the different pitch.Closure pin fracture, will make the closure surface dislocation, will have the same result.If this is found, the pin should be replaced, tighten or replace the bolt can be restored to the closed surface tooth size can be.

1.2 deformation of large gear ring

When the large gear ring loses its ring deformation, the local pitch changes and the local center distance also changes, which directly affects the meshing accuracy of the gear.When the ring is convex, the gap between the top of the tooth is reduced, giving out a dull root biting sound and causing vibration.In this case, only by lowering the top height or the center height of the rotary kiln, that is, reducing or expanding the center distance of the rotary kiln size gears, can the meshing precision of the gears be adjusted to a tolerable state, so as to reduce the vibration.To achieve the ideal condition, it is best to replace the large gear ring, because it is very difficult to correct the gear.

1.3 improper kiln adjustment

Sometimes, in order to adjust the stress state of the supporting wheel or belt, the contact between the gears is not taken into account. For example, if the rotary kiln is pushed to the side of the pinion, the top clearance will be reduced and root biting vibration will be generated.If pushed to the outside of the pinion, also because the top gap is too large, overlap cannot keep up with and cause vibration.The treatment method is, rotary kiln adjustment to take into account the gear meshing, through adjusting the size of gear meshing precision can be restored.

1.4 gear cracking or broken teeth

The pitch of gear teeth changes after gear cracks or cracks or even broken teeth, which affects gear meshing accuracy and causes vibration.At this time, the cracks and broken teeth must be processed, and restore the geometric size, if necessary to replace the large ring teeth.

1.5 insufficient installation accuracy

Insufficient installation accuracy of rotary kiln will not only affect the contact length and width of the gear, but also affect the top clearance and side clearance of the gear, causing vibration.This time need to check carefully, for the identified problems, one by one adjustment (through the wheel adjustment), so that it can achieve good contact accuracy.

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2.Vibration caused by process

Process causes the vibration of the rotary kiln, is mainly refers to abnormal caving of the skin of the kiln, barrel temperature change after everywhere would create a warp in the cylinder, make big gear ring, the rotary center of deviation from the normal size when the center distance of gear when small, produces vibration, the need to adjust process parameters, the rotary kiln shell temperature returned to normal, avoid cold and hot half a circle is not normal, kiln will slowly unbend, big ring gear rotary center will gradually returned to normal, vibration will disappear.

There is also a case to draw attention to, that is, the barrel temperature at the big gear ring can not be too high, it will seriously affect the temperature of the big gear ring, once the expansion of the big gear ring because the temperature is too high more than the expansion of the belt, the gap between the tooth tip will be reduced, making it possible to bite the root, vibration may occur.At this time, it is necessary to keep the cooling of the gear ring or the top rotary kiln to ensure the normal engagement of the gear.

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3. Electrical influence

The influence of electrical equipment mainly refers to the vibration caused by the unsteady rotating speed of rotary kiln due to signal fault.After the kiln speed distortion caused by the fault of the tachometer generator, the rotary kiln is fast and slow, with high frequency and great difference in speed and slow. The gear has constant impact and great vibration. After the contact with the slip-ring and the line of the tachometer generator, the kiln runs steadily and the vibration disappears.

This paper is only a description of several kinds of vibration of rotary kiln gear ring, which is not comprehensive. If you have better opinions, please leave a message to me for communication.

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