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Conical crusher four fatal shortcomings of the solution

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In modern dressing, cone crusher has become a kind of application of a wide range of crushing equipment, its broken than large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, product granularity advantages make it suitable for crushing hard and above medium hardness ore and therefore is widely applied in all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and broken in the process of finely homework, effectively reduced the grinding granularity, achieve more crushing less grinding, at the same time improve the ability of ball mill, improves the economic benefits of the mill plant.

In the daily use process, due to the long time use and the equipment itself, the cone crusher inevitably has some disadvantages, which affect the normal production operation.Conical crusher four fatal shortcomings of the solution.


1. Unreasonable dustproof device

Unreasonable dustproof device, dustproof water pipe easy to block, a lot of dust into the thin oil station caused serious pollution of lubricating oil.Therefore, lubricating oil needs to be replaced frequently, and polluted lubricating oil is easy to cause damage to the oil pump.Dry oil or water seal can be used to prevent dust and impurities from entering the body, so as to ensure the cleanness of lubricating oil, extend the service life of sliding bearing and thrust ball bearing, and make the machine run normally.

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2. Unreliable safety device

An unreliable safety device makes it difficult to clear the cavity.If the cone crusher is stuck and stopped, the crushing chamber will be filled with ore. The funnel needs to be removed for manual cleaning, which seriously affects the normal operation.Some manufacturers use spring protection device and lubrication system double safety control, so that the cone crusher in overload protection, greatly reduce the downtime, and has good bearing lubrication.

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3. Unreasonable cavity structure

Unreasonable cavity structure, limited crushing surface, low production efficiency.Traditional spring cone crusher horizontal shaft copper sleeve, short service life, low speed, high failure rate, and low output.At present, many cone crushers adopt the principle of intergranular laminated crushing in their crushing chamber, which can significantly improve the crushing ratio and yield.

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4. The maintenance cycle is long and the spare parts are fragile

Maintenance cycle is long and spare parts are fragile.The main vulnerable parts of the cone crusher are moving cone lining plate and fixed cone lining plate. Due to the complicated disassembly and assembly process and the trouble of filling filling, it is necessary to prepare the spare adjusting ring device and spindle device.It can thicken the fixed cone lining plate, prolong the life, and adopt high strength material in the key parts, increase the weight appropriately and enhance the reliability.

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