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Conical crushing oil high temperature treatment measures

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During the fine crushing production of cone crusher, the problem of high lubricating oil temperature occurred. Even when the fan cooler was running, the oil temperature was still higher than 50℃ (the operating temperature was better kept within the range of 38-46℃), and the pressure was lower than 140kPa. What were the reasons for the excessive lubricating oil temperature of cone crusher?Conical crushing oil high temperature treatment measures.

1. The lubricating oil in the oil tank is dirty and the service time is too long.

The replacement cycle of lubricating oil is 2000h, if it exceeds 2000h, the viscosity of lubricating oil and other indicators will be seriously reduced, too many impurities in the oil will cause a decline in the quality of lubrication, will also cause wear on the inside of the crusher, resulting in the crusher overheating, lubricating oil return oil temperature is too high.

Solution to lubricating oil contamination:

In this regard, lubricating oil and lubricating oil filter core should be replaced immediately, and the oil tank should be cleaned. The service life of lubricating oil should be determined (should not exceed 2000h), and the lubricating oil should be replaced at the same time when 6 sets of liner are replaced (the service life of liner is about 300h).In addition, it is also necessary to check and clean the impurities on the filter screen in the lubricating oil box, and decide whether to carry out further maintenance according to the filter screen impurities.

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2. The blower is not operating normally and the air filter is not replaced in time.

The role of the blower is to introduce air into the crusher, so that the crusher internal pressure, reduce dust into the crusher internal bearing and lubricating oil.The blower of the user's cone crusher is started at the same time as the lubricating oil pump, that is, when the lubricating pump is started, the blower will start automatically. If the blower is not started, relevant technical personnel should be immediately arranged to deal with it.

Solution to abnormal blower operation:

When the blower starts, the corresponding computer operation interface shows green, and when it stops, it shows red. The operator can determine the operation of the blower according to this, so as to timely arrange maintenance.In addition, the air filter element should be replaced in time according to the underground air quality, usually once every 2 months.


3. The counterweight protection plate is severely worn.

The wear of ore particles will cause wear to the U - shaped oil seal and the T - shaped oil seal of the crusher.The damage of the two oil seals will first lead to the leakage of lubricating oil, and then cause the ore powder particles into the lubrication system, making the lubricating oil dirty, a long time will cause the wear of the internal parts of the crusher, resulting in abnormal temperature rise of the crusher.

Solution to serious wear of counterweight protection plate:

Every time, replace the liner should check dynamic cone T oil seal, found, should be replaced in a timely manner, every month should arrange related technical personnel to enter into cone crusher lower guard plate of balancing check, if it is found that weight heavily damaged guard board, should be tapered, changing the counterweight plate, U should check the host at the same time frame abrasion of oil seal, when it is necessary to replace oil seal.

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4. Irregular contact surface and serious wear of components.

The contact surface between the moving cone and the spherical tile, the upper and lower bushings of the moving cone, and the eccentric shaft bushings are badly worn.In addition, the upper and lower bushings of the moving cone are respectively matched with the bowl bearing bracket and the eccentric shaft bush, and the eccentric shaft bush is matched with the spindle. If there is point contact and the contact surface is irregular, serious wear and other phenomena, it is easy to cause the crusher overheating, resulting in high oil temperature rise, serious copper sleeve burning or even spindle wear accidents.Therefore, when the upper and lower bushings of moving cone or eccentric shaft bushings appear the above phenomenon, it is necessary to conduct grinding treatment, if the wear is serious, the corresponding bushings should be replaced in a timely manner.

The common reasons for the high temperature of lubricating oil of cone crusher mainly include the above points: the lubricating oil in the oil tank is dirty, the use time is too long;The blower is not working normally and the air filter element is not replaced in time.The counterweight protection plate is worn seriously, so as to effectively control the oil temperature by taking targeted measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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