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Crusher shaft sleeve and shaft coordination is not tight how to repair?

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Between different parts in the interior of the crusher, with appropriate is also a big problem to influence production, in general, not too loose or too tight, bearing is one of the important parts in crusher, if one of the axle housing with shaft is not tight, will also affect the production, need timely repair, axle housing and shaft with not only the reason is the collar of use after a period of time, will form the ladder, shaft sleeve on the shaft is not tight, shaft sleeve ends the top on the ladder, cooperate to be not tight, Crusher shaft sleeve and shaft coordination is not tight how to repair?

1.Step position

Cut the big end of the bell mouth of the bearing sleeve of the crusher 8-10mm, and then grind away the high point of the step position, and place it with the ruler to see if there is no light.

Crusher shaft sleeve

2. Nut to ring

After welding, tighten the nut to the ring, so as to make the bearing sleeve reverse movement and shaft fastening, this is especially important for the repair process of the crusher shaft sleeve and shaft coordination is not tight;

3. The ring

Because the eccentric shaft thread has been damaged, can not be fastened with a nut, so need to process a ring, this process can be used 16mm thick steel plate with the lathe as the raw material to carry out, processing, the requirements of the ring ring inner diameter and bearing shell small end inner diameter is the same, the outer diameter is the same as the bearing shell nut outer circle;

4. Welding

After the ring ring, nut, bearing and sleeve are assembled in place, evenly distribute the ring ring and shaft at 6 points for symmetrical welding, 20mm for each section of weld, pay attention to not continuous welding, intermittent welding is better, to ensure that the crusher bearing will not be too hot phenomenon;


5. Nut fixation

After completing the above steps, weld the ring ring and bearing nut with electric welding at 2 points, so that the nut is fixed and the welding seam is 10mm long.

For this problem is introduced more detail, analyses the influence with the dangers of not tight - equipment production process, and then introduces the reasons for the formation of this phenomenon, and ways to repair, at the time of repair, there are mainly five steps, follow these steps to can fix the problem, ensure that the performance of crusher.

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