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Do you know how to reform the feed device of roller press?

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The roller press adopts vertical pipe feeding, which belongs to the fluidity bed.In the process of material circulation extrusion, the edge material of double roll is not easy to be limited and easy to produce side leakage.Do you know how to modify the feed device of the roller press to make it more usable?

roller press

1.Problems existing in the blanking device before transformation

(1) roller press vibration, jump stop frequently.

(2) roll press system often collapse, punching material, ash serious.

(3) the screw into ash, stress deformation, there are even screw stuck or fracture phenomenon.In many cases, it is impossible to adjust on site. Finally, it can only be adjusted through the bar gate valve (manual feeding), and the electric control of blanking opening has not played an actual role.

(4) serious material leakage on the end face of the roller press, serious wear on the end face of the roller, excessive load on the hoist and often die.

(5) unstable feeding leads to serious impact on the hydraulic system of the roller press, and valve damage is too frequent.

(6) the current fluctuation of the stationary roller is large.

roller press

2.Improvement measures of feeding device of roller press


2.1 lever hinge type center feeding double adjusting feeding device

The feeding device consists of electric adjusting device, guide plate, lever, screw and other parts.The principle of worm gear and worm drive is adopted. Driven by the motor, the screw is rotated in and out for a certain length. The force is transferred to the lever connecting baffle and screw.The Angle of the baffle board is transmitted to DCS through a high-precision Angle sensor at one end of the reducer. The central control room adjusts the opening of the baffle board in combination with the changes in the weight of the warehouse, the mechanical and electrical flow of the roller and the changes in the pressure, so as to realize the control of the feeding amount.

2.2 extend blanking plate and install arc baffle

The roller press mainly relies on two horizontally mounted and synchronously rotating extrusion rollers to crush the high pressure material layer.In the process of forced downward movement of the closed material layer, the extrusion pressure gradually increases to a large enough until it is crushed and extruded into compacted material cake and discharged from the machine.The mechanical strength of this kind of cake is very low.The cake contains a lot of fine powder, among which the fine particles less than 90 microns account for about 20% ~ 30%.That is to say, in the extruded cake less than 2mm material particles account for about 60% ~ 70%, and there are many micro-cracks.

roller press

In order to further reduce the side leakage space and ensure a stable material column during the operation of the roller press, wear-resistant plate at the lower end of the feeding device was transformed from the original trapezoid into a symmetrical arc on both sides.

The system replaces the lever hinge type center feeding double regulating feeding device, extends the feeding plate and adds arc baffle, and the roller press system realizes stable operation. Under the condition of constant output, the average power consumption of tons of cement decreases from 32.13kwh to 28.03kwh, which greatly improves the benefit of the factory.

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