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Do you know what is the key point in the inspection of crushing machinery?

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Because the crusher can be according to the customer the correct operation and maintenance, improve production efficiency of the part in production will therefore very much company want to figure out a way to enhance production efficiency of the crusher, but companies in increase the efficiency of the crusher production at this time also often ignore the part of the problem, do you know the crushing machine to check what's the point?

1. Bearing outer ring

impact crusher

Check of bearing outer ring, crusher in use after a period of time, due to wear and tear caused by more and more serious, will cause the operation of the bearing outer ring appears relatively, immediately is mild operation also to cause customer especially wary, wear condition and the position of bearing inspection on time, understand the problem, the disposal measures immediately.

2. Adjust the range of discharge port

roll crusher

Pay attention to the crusher out of the mouth of the adjustment range, actual production, the size of the mouth directly affects the taste of finished products, the customer to obtain different particle size of the stone, will be on the mouth of the material has been adjusted, the adjustment of the mouth of the material can not be too large, also can not be too narrow out the mouth of the material, so easy to cause the problem of the crusher.

3. Circuit inspection


Inspection of the circuit breaker before the formal operation load, air required for operation, short operation, should especially pay attention to whether pick up the motor circuit, this seemingly is a very simple question, it's easily overlooked, circuit of the inversion easily cause the reversal of the crusher, so it is easy cause mechanical problems.

In order to ensure the production efficiency of the crusher, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection while improving the production efficiency.

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