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Factors influencing the material selection of wear-resistant parts of jaw crusher

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In the production process of jaw crusher, elbow plate, jaw plate and other wear-resisting parts are subjected to different degrees of impact wear and cutting wear, so manufacturers generally choose high hardness and high toughness materials to produce these wear-resisting parts.But hardness and toughness themselves are contradictory.Consequently in actual production, the working environment that manufacturer needs to consider wear-resisting piece adequately is qualitative in order to choose appropriate material.Factors influencing the material selection of wear-resistant parts of jaw crusher

1. Impact load

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The larger the type of jaw crusher, the more serious the wear of accessories in production.If the size of the broken material is large, the impact load of the wear-resistant parts is relatively strong.Therefore, in order to ensure the toughness of wear-resistant parts, we should improve the hardness of wear-resistant parts without breaking.High manganese steel with improved and dispersed reinforcement is an ideal material, which not only has high hardness, but also its toughness can ensure the normal operation of jaw crusher.However, for small and medium-sized jaw crusher, wear-resistant parts bear relatively low impact load, high manganese steel can not fully harden, can not achieve better results.In this case, medium carbon low alloy steel or high chromium cast iron is a better choice.So when you are jaw of choose and buy, must undertake choosing according to actual situation, will choose the wear-resisting piece of different material according to different requirement, such ability benefit maximizes.

2. Material composition and hardness

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Composition and hardness are also very important factors that affect the choice of wear-resistant material of jaw crusher.According to the research, when the hardness of the metal material is higher than 80% of the hardness of the broken material, with the increase of the relative hardness, the wear resistance of the material will be improved.So, when choosing wear-resisting material, want to choose high hardness material not only, material toughness also wants to accord with a requirement at the same time.

3. Wear mechanism

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When choosing wear-resistant material, the wear-resistant mechanism of jaw crusher should also be considered.If the wear of wear-resistant parts is mainly cutting wear, so in the choice of material, should first consider the hardness.However, if the wear is mainly deformation wear or fatigue wear, it should first consider the ductility and toughness.

When choosing wear-resisting piece, you must polish bright eye, choose the wear-resisting piece that appropriate material pledges casting, in order to assure production benefit.

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