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Failure inspection of crushing machinery in normal operation

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In metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement and other industrial sectors, every year there are a lot of raw materials and recycled waste materials need to be processed by crushing machinery.For example, in the concentrator, in order to achieve monomer separation of the useful minerals in the ore, it is necessary to use crushing machinery to crush the raw ore to the size required by the grinding process.In coking plants, sintering plants, ceramics factories, glass industry, powder metallurgy and other departments, the use of crushing machinery to crush raw materials to the next level of operation requirements of the granularity.

The first is to understand the crushing machinery in the normal operation of the machine's various operating parameters.It includes the output of the crusher, the sound of the machine, the activity state and so on.Only after understanding these basic conditions can the abnormal machine be detected in time.With the data of the normal running state of the machine as the basis, we also need to understand the characteristics of some abnormal machine performance.For example, sometimes the machine will shake because of loose screw fixation, and sometimes the damage of internal parts of the machine will reduce the production of the machine, and sometimes the damage of the machine will reduce the qualified rate of the products produced.

These state characteristics all need to accumulate experience in the ordinary production process, and pay attention to these abnormal characteristics when using the crushing machinery, so as to timely find out the machine fault and maintain it.Of course, in addition to these measures, you can also use these professional monitoring instruments to monitor the operating parameters of the crusher, for example, through monitoring the change of the chemical composition of the broken machinery oil to carry out fault monitoring.These measures can be combined to ensure the normal left turn of the machine.Now the rapid development of society, we have to better grasp the knowledge of crusher.The failure of the crushing machinery in the normal operation is early checked and known, this preventive work can greatly reduce the downtime in production, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency.

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