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From which point can the waste enter the cement production process?

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Wastes can be in different feeding point into the cement production process, adding the location should undertake choosing according to the characteristics of solid waste, the most common of which are: high temperature period, including rotary kiln kiln head main burner add and close the door cover shots with a little: high temperature segments, including decomposition furnace, tail smoke chamber and rising flue cast add: raw ingredients (raw meal grinding) system.

1. Main burner

The main burner feeding facilities should adopt multi-channel burner and be equipped with pumping force or pneumatic conveying device.Liquid or easy to force

Conveying powdered waste;Waste containing POPs or high chlorine, high toxicity and refractory organic materials;High calorific value, moisture content

Low organic waste liquid should be added to the main burner.

Rotary kiln

2. The wicket

The feeding facilities of rotary kiln door cover shall be equipped with pumping force conveying devices and feeding ports shall be opened in appropriate positions of the kiln door cover.It is not suitable to add liquid waste in the main burner of rotary kiln head.Liquid waste shall be pumped into the tank and sprayed into the tank.The solid waste should be added with a specially designed feeding facility, which should ensure that the solid waste is put into the solid phase reaction belt to ensure the complete reaction of the waste.

Rotary kiln

3. Rotary kiln kiln tail

The feeding facilities at the end of the rotary kiln should be equipped with a conveying device of pump force, air force or mechanical transmission belt, and a feeding port should be set up in the smoke chamber at the end of the rotary kiln, the rising flue or the proper position of the decomposition furnace. The gas-solid communication channel of the combustor of the decomposition furnace should be appropriately modified to make it suitable for the conveying and feeding of liquid or small particle wastes.Waste containing POPs and high chlorine, high toxicity and refractory organic materials should be added first from the kiln head of the rotary kiln. If it is required to be added from the kiln tail due to physical characteristics, it should be preferred from the kiln tail smoke chamber. High moisture content or bulk waste should be preferred from the kiln tail smoke chamber.

Rotary kiln

4. The raw meal grinding

Raw material mill feeding can borrow conventional raw material feeding facilities.The raw mill can only add solid wastes without organics and selective and semi-volatile heavy metals. Wastes containing highly toxic organics such as hydrocarbons or dioxins that can be volatilized at low temperature must be fed into the high temperature area of the kiln system.

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