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Hammer crusher bearing repair

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Stable production can bring higher production efficiency, so sand and stone production enterprises in the requirements of continuity, automation, at the same time, the stability of the crushing equipment requirements are increasingly high.Therefore, the development direction of the crusher will be towards the direction of high output and large scale development, but at the same time, it will bring difficulties for transportation, installation, disassembly and maintenance.In this way, if we do not improve today's maintenance means, once the stone breaker problems, not timely and effective solution, will have a serious impact on the production of sand and stone.

We don't want to see the problem of equipment not being effectively solved. Therefore, if we can master and improve some common problems and solutions of broken equipment, the maintenance efficiency of the broken stone machine will be greatly improved.Such as hammer crusher in a long time to bear a variety of forces and vibration often caused by the bearing room, wear, shaft head, keyway wear and belt pulley, coupling bore wear.

The solution of bearing position wear

In the running process of hammer crusher, because of the influence of various factors, bearing position causes wear.After the problem, according to the traditional method to repair welding or brush plating after machining repair.However, in the repair welding, the thermal stress caused by high temperature cannot be effectively eliminated, so in the operation of the equipment will be prone to the phenomenon of broken shaft, resulting in major accidents.And the use of brush plating, because the coating thickness, easy to cause peeling, under the comprehensive action of various forces, will still cause the bearing position again wear.

Hammer crusher equipment shaft keyway damage, coupling inner hole wear solution: gravel equipment in the long-term operation process, will be affected by various factors, shaft head and keyway wear if the use of repair welding or brush plating is prone to wear, bending, peeling or even fracture.

And the above two kinds of repair methods are used to repair metal with metal, so the "hard to hard" relationship can not be changed, will still cause the parts to wear again.Polymer composite material can be used, with super adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other comprehensive properties, through the mold repair, avoid disassembly, processing, can quickly and effectively repair the worn parts of the broken equipment to repair.

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