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How can the cone crusher adjust the size of the product

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There are many ways to adjust the output size of the cone crusher: the cone crusher has obvious advantages in adjusting the discharge size.How can the cone crusher adjust the size of the product?

Compared with other crusher, cone crusher can adjust the size of discharge outlet to adjust the size of discharge.Cone crusher can be adjusted in three ways.


1. Rotor speed or diameter of cone crusher

Adjust the rotor speed or rotor diameter of the cone crusher, increase the speed of the rotor or speed to increase the diameter of the rotor, can extend the crushing time, so as to adjust the size of the product, can also increase the output, improve the material crushing efficiency.Change the size of the product by adjusting the distributor.

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2. Adjust the feeder

Adjusting the opening of the feeder of the cone crusher can increase the overflow supply flow of materials, limit the collision movement of materials in the crushing chamber, shorten the residence time of materials in the crushing chamber, and improve the passage ability of materials.Adjust the clearance of the grinding chamber to change the size of the finished product.The clearance adjustment of grinding room is mainly through mechanical or hydraulic type adjustment. The hydraulic type can operate the button or control system quickly and conveniently to complete the clearance adjustment.

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3. Wearable parts of cone crusher wear less:

Cone crusher wear occurs only on the side facing the material.When the rotor speed is normal, the material will fall on the surface of the hammer. Even if the hammer wears on the side of the material, it will not wear on the back and side of the hammer.The bottom grinding rod is also easy to replace.The metal utilization rate of plate hammer of cone crusher can be up to 45%-48%.

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