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How much skill do you have in the operation of the vertical mill

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The output of raw material grinding table not only affects the stable production of kiln, but also affects the unit power consumption of raw material, which further affects the cost of raw material and the benefit of the company.How much skill do you have in the operation of the vertical mill

1. Control the thickness of material layer

Vertical mill is a material bed crushing equipment, crushing effect depends on the grinding of materials and the application of the tension force and the amount of material under the extrusion pressure.Tensioning force adjusting range is limited, if the material is difficult to grind, new energy consumption unit surface area is larger, the thick if the material of roller mill, energy absorption material quantity increase, causing in the process of crushing coarse powder and achieve fineness requirements to reduce more, low production, high energy consumption, high cycle load and differential pressure is not easy to control, make the condition worse.In the case of difficult grinding, should be appropriate to reduce the thin vertical grinding layer thickness, increase the proportion of qualified particle size.If the material is easy to wear, in the thick material layer can also produce a large number of qualified particles, should be appropriate thickening material layer, improve the output.Generally, the thickness of material layer is controlled between 50mm and 80mm.Feed into the mill material and the amount of finished products to balance.One of the important conditions to stabilize the thickness of the feeding layer is reasonable grain size and particle size.

Vertical mill

2. Water spray control

The main function of water spray in vertical mill is to adjust the temperature of the mill, stabilize the material layer and reduce the pressure difference in the mill.The amount of water spraying in the vertical mill and whether the water spraying method is reasonable or not can change the movement resistance of the material on the grinding disc, affect the velocity of the material, control the length of time the material is ground, and affect the grinding effect.The abrasion of the air material in the vertical mill often leads to the damage of the water spraying device in the vertical mill.

3. Control of pressure difference

The control of pressure difference is the key factor to improve the quality and output of vertical mill.The pressure difference is mainly composed of two parts: one is the local ventilation resistance caused by hot air inlet grinding nozzle ring; the other part is the fluid resistance filled with suspended materials from the top of nozzle ring to the pressure point; the sum of these two resistances constitutes the pressure difference of grinding machine.The size of feeding amount and the size of circulating material in the grinding cavity will cause the change of fluid resistance in the grinding cavity and lead to the change of pressure difference.Maintain stable pressure difference in vertical mill, which indicates that the quantity of materials in and out of the mill has reached a dynamic balance. Stable circulating load is the premise of stable vertical mill normal production.In production, the pressure difference should be controlled timely and effectively at about 7000pa. The decrease of the pressure difference indicates that the amount of grinding material in is less than the amount of grinding material out. The circulating load is reduced.The reason for the increase of pressure difference is that the amount of grinding material in is larger than the amount of grinding material out.If the comminution effect of the bed is poor, it will also cause a decrease in the amount of abrasive materials and an increase in the amount of circulation;Low powder selection efficiency will also cause a reduction in the amount of grinding materials.

4. External circulation volume control

The outer circulation material is generally the material after grinding, and the fresh material into the grinding common grinding.It can adjust the granule gradation of grinding material and enhance the grinding effect of vertical grinding.According to the external circulation of the particle state and the amount of how much can judge the grinding effect.During operation, the current of circulating bucket is controlled below 100A to ensure the mill to produce under moderate load.Stable operation, appropriate addition and reduction of material, do not allow forced feeding, resulting in overload of the host machine production.

vertical mill

5. Vibration control

When the vertical mill is in normal operation, the vibration value of the mill shall be strictly controlled within a reasonable range and shall not exceed 0.9mm/s for an instant.The feeding amount of the vertical mill must be adapted to the capacity of the vertical mill. When the material is fragile, good, low hardness, high tension force, there may be a moment of air pressure may cause vibration.The discharge amount is too large, the rotating speed of the separator is too high, the ventilation amount in the mill is insufficient, and the amount of powder produced is too much, which exceeds the carrying capacity of the gas through the mill.A large amount of air leakage or improper adjustment of the system will increase the circulating load of the mill, produce full wear, vibration.

Only master the operation skills of the vertical mill to achieve stable production, to ensure a stable output and profits of the enterprise, if you still want to consult you can leave a message with us.

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