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How should ball mill gear wear and tear be handled?

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Ball mill is a very important equipment selection plant, but also the entire selection plant investment accounted for a large proportion of equipment, in the use of the process to ensure the service life of the ball mill, first to ensure the life of the gear, because the gear is to achieve the ball mill transmission operation and power of the mechanical components.Once the gear is damaged, waiting for the ball mill is closed for repair.How should ball mill gear wear and tear be handled?

1. Features of gear transmission of ball mill

ball mill

1.1, structure,

Ball mill gear drive is a half-open gear drive, small gear in the left or right lower part of the big gear, through the transmission shaft support in the transmission seat.The mounting Angle of the gear pair (the Angle between the center line of the gear and the horizontal line) is generally about 20°.Big gear has a whole and two open structure, gear tooth arrangement has straight teeth, oblique teeth and herringbone teeth 3 kinds.In order to prevent dust and lubricating oil spatter, the gear pair is equipped with a relatively complete protective cover.

1.2,Working condition of ,

Ball mill gear transmission has the disadvantages of high transmission power, low speed, heavy load starting, impact load and easy to enter dust or even pulp.

2. Causes and treatment of gear wear

Ball mill gear

2.1 improper selection and use of lubricating oil cause wear of ball mill gears

The choice of lubricating oil and lubrication mode is an important means to ensure the normal operation of the ball mill gear, but also a necessary condition to reduce noise and wear.

In the concentrator, the technical personnel choose the ball mill gear lubrication at will, and do not choose to use it according to the different characteristics and effects of different lubricants, and do not choose the correct lubricants according to the actual use situation on the site.This will lead to the ball mill gear in the process of operation of insufficient viscosity of lubricating oil, can not effectively form a protective oil film, resulting in wear ball mill gear.In addition, there are a few factories in the use of lubricating oil in the process of shoddy, with abandoned diesel as lubricating oil, not only can not play a role in lubrication, but also accelerate the wear of the ball mill.


Solution to wear of ball mill gear caused by lubricating oil:

When choosing lubricating oil, two aspects need to be paid attention to.On the one hand is lubricating oil viscosity, on the other hand is lubricating oil.

When selecting the lubrication method, it is necessary to ensure that the lubrication method is reasonable and comprehensive.At present, the common lubrication methods of ball mill gear include manual lubrication, oil pool lubrication, drip lubrication and spray lubrication.Compared with other lubrication methods, spray lubrication system has better lubrication efficiency and can form a stable oil film.


2.2 poor sealing performance of transmission gear section

Ball mill gear

The size of the transmission gear of the ball mill is generally large, so the sealing device is needed to ensure the sealing performance between the gears of the ball mill.

But in the existing processing technology, a lot of ball mill in the cross section of the gear processing technology is facing pressure method, the process to produce the gear used in prophase effect is very good, sealed performance is good, but after running for a period of time, face felt by extrusion can lead to elastic felt lost its potency, and sealing performance of the gear failure.

Failure of the sealing device will let more dust and impurities into the gear, long-term operation, and serious wear gear surface, not only service life will be greatly reduced, but also affect the subsequent maintenance and installation operations.


Solution to wear caused by sealing of gear section:

In order to ensure the sealing property of the ball mill gear, the precision and hardness of the gear can only be enhanced in the production and processing of the ball mill gear.The tooth surface roughness is 3.2 microns, which is difficult to meet the long-term work accuracy and roughness, so daily inspection, regular maintenance, or the use of more accurate ball mill gear.

The above is only caused the ball mill gear wear part of the reason, in fact, to effectively reduce the wear of the ball mill gear is not difficult, as long as remember the three points: a strict accordance with the provisions and ball mill use instructions, two daily maintenance maintenance can not be less, three ball mill choice to be correct.

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