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How to avoid rotor unbalance of impact crusher

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The high-speed rotating rotor with plate hammer is the main working part of the impact crusher. In order to meet the needs of crushing large pieces of ore, the rotor needs to have enough weight and run smoothly.No matter replace the new plate hammer or assemble the old plate hammer, pay attention to the balance of the rotor, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.How to avoid rotor unbalance of impact crusher?

1. Consequences of unbalanced rotor of impact crusher

(1) rotor imbalance will produce a lot of inertia force and inertia moment, resulting in the unstable operation of the impact crusher;

(2) rotor imbalance will cause greater vibration of rotor components, generate additional dynamic load, destroy the normal working conditions of the impact crusher, make the bearing temperature rise too high, shorten the service life, and even make some parts crack damage.

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2. Causes of rotor unbalance

(1) the quality of the rotor itself, the manufacturer did not strictly follow the manufacturing requirements, the product is not qualified;

(2) the end face of the rotor is severely worn, and the wear is uneven. The center of mass of the rotor is not in the same position as the center, which causes the static balance and dynamic balance of the rotor cannot be guaranteed.

(3) uneven feed of the impact crusher causes uneven force on the rotor, which destroys the balance.


3. Solution to rotor imbalance

(1) balancing experiment on the rotor of the impact crusher before putting into operation;

(2) the feeding should be uniform to avoid uneven force on the rotor;

(3) when the hammer head of the impact crusher is replaced, it is better to replace it completely or symmetrically, and to install it according to the correct method.

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4. Matters needing attention for rotor maintenance

Because the impact crusher has been working under bad conditions for a long time, the wear of rotor bearing is aggravated.Once the rotor failure, the cost of maintenance and replacement is very high, replacement is very difficult, often resulting in production loss.

It is very important to take effective measures to improve the service life of the rotor bearing of the impact crusher.The following are the matters needing attention when using the rotor of the impact crusher:


(1) reasonably adjust the fit relationship between rotor bearings.

The impact crusher rotor bearing work is mainly the impact load, the size of the load on the rolling body is not the same, in the impact load under the action of the rolling body force is the largest, the inside and outside ring raceway is here and the rolling body contact when the force is the largest.

Because the inner ring keeps rotating while working, the contact point on the track will keep circulating from the maximum stress to the minimum stress, so the inner ring needs to be closely coordinated, so that a certain point will not stay on the maximum stress point.

The outer ring is different. The outer ring is relatively fixed, and the maximum force point will stay at a fixed point. Therefore, if the outer ring is matched loosely, it may move slightly under the impact force, thus increasing the maximum force point and extending the life of the outer ring.


(2) improve the balance accuracy of the rotor.

The rotor mass of impact crusher is large and the rotation speed is high. The casting deviation of the rotor body and the mass deviation caused by the installation of the plate hammer will cause unbalanced centrifugal force when the rotor rotates.This centrifugal force causes the machine to produce forced vibration, leading to the failure of bearings and other parts, so the rotor of the impact crusher must be balanced.

If the diameter of the rotor is small, the mass of the plug plate on both sides of the rotor can be changed to balance.If the rotor body diameter is large, the counterweight can be welded on the outer wall of the rotor.In order to prevent the counterweight from falling in the vibration process, several rows of grooves can be cast in the proper position, the counterweight is embedded in them, and then welded on, which is both firm and beautiful.

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(3) correctly select the type of rotor bearing.

Double row radial spherical roller bearing has the advantages of strong bearing capacity and good centering performance.

(4) to improve the crusher bearing stress condition.

The impact load on the bearing depends on the impulse on the rotor and the support flexibility of the bearing seat.Increasing the support flexibility of the bearing seat will reduce the impact load on the bearing.

For this reason, an appropriate thickness of rubber plate can be added between the bearing seat and the support frame to improve the support flexibility of the bearing seat.

Because the rubber plate is added, the flexibility of the support is increased, so as to absorb part of the vibration energy, improve the bearing stress condition, to extend the service life of the purpose.

Compared with the hammer crusher, the rotor of the impact crusher has greater momentum and is suitable for crushing more rigid materials with lower energy consumption.Rotor is an important part to counter breakage, correct use, reasonable maintenance, can effectively avoid rotor imbalance fault, avoid unnecessary downtime.

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