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How to ensure the long-term safe operation of rotary kiln?

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The realization of long-term safe operation of rotary kiln can reduce consumption, reduce cost and increase output, which is a good way to increase production and save money. How to ensure the long-term safe operation of rotary kiln?

Practice has proved that to ensure the long-term safe operation of rotary kiln, the following three aspects should be carried out:


1. Operation

rotary kiln

Hanging and protecting the kiln skin is one of the main measures to ensure the long-term safe operation of the kiln.In order to protect the kiln skin, the following measures should be taken:

(1) maintain the correct flame shape and position. The high-temperature part should not be concentrated excessively. The flame should not wash the kiln skin to prevent the top fire from overburning.

(2) prevent local high temperature of rotary kiln, strictly control small and uniform clinker particles and no large pieces, and timely hook out large pieces if found.

(3) stabilize the thermal system, prevent the formation of rear knot, and timely deal with the front knot and rear knot.

(4) timely check the kiln skin, and if it is found that the kiln skin is thin, try to repair the hanging or adjust water cooling in the shift; if the whole kiln skin is thin, reduce the feeding amount, appropriately reduce the kiln speed, adjust the air and coal in time, and repair the hanging;Or move the coal jet pipe to change the position of the fire point.When found due to thin brick or brick caused by the red kiln, should immediately stop kiln for brick, prohibit pressing.


2. Ingredients

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The composition, moisture (wet and semi-dry rotary kiln) and fineness of raw materials should be ensured to be stable and reasonable.If the raw material

When the composition is not suitable and not easy to stick to the kiln skin, the raw material composition should be changed appropriately, or a certain amount of iron powder should be added to the raw material (or sprayed from the kiln head) to make up the hanging;To strengthen the contact between laboratory personnel and fire workers, analysis results should be accurate, and timely report to the kiln head.


3. Equipment

rotary kiln

(1) the quality of refractory bricks in rotary kiln should be good and the quality of inlaying should be high.

(2) the power should be sufficient and the production capacity between the equipment should be balanced.

(3) maintain the equipment and improve the operation rate of the equipment so that the operation rate of each equipment can ensure the long-term safe operation of the rotary kiln.

(4) new magnesia refractory materials are used to extend the service life of refractory bricks.

(5) strengthen the technical management of rotary kiln, hold regular fire inspection and technical analysis meetings, continuously summarize experience, and improve the safe operation cycle of kiln.

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