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How to improve the output of raw material vertical mill?

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No matter what kind of raw material vertical mill, the working principle is basically the same, even if there is a difference, only different parameters.The operation, use and maintenance of the equipment are interlinked. How to improve the output of the raw material vertical mill?

1. Wear of internal structure of the mill

raw material vertical mill

1.1 wear of roller and disc lining plate

From the working principle of the mill, it can be known that the vertical mill is grinding materials by applying pressure on the grinding roller during its working. After a long time of running, the grinding roller and the grinding disc become uneven and irregular due to wear, and the grinding efficiency decreases, and the output decreases accordingly.

Grinding roller and grinding disc liner wear to increase output method:

In this case, the wear of the lining plate should be checked regularly. When the wear of the grinding roller approaches 25mm and the wear of the grinding disc approaches 10mm, the size of the grinding roller and the grinding disc can be repaired through surfacing welding to ensure the output and avoid vibration increase due to the wear of the lining plate, thus affecting the operation safety of the main reducer.If it is found that the base material of the abrasive disc liner is damaged, the liner should be replaced in time.


1.2 height of baffle ring

The function of the baffle ring is to make the material can be fully ground on the vertical grinding disc. The height of the baffle ring determines the thickness of the material layer.

When the thickness of the material layer is larger, the vibration of the mill will increase, the coarse powder is not fully pulverized under the action of centrifugal force into the external circulation, so the total amount of grinding will increase, reduce the output of the stage.When the baffle ring is too low, it is difficult to ensure the smooth thickness of the material layer. Under the action of the pressure of the grinding roller and the dead weight of the grinding roller, there will be a discontinuous direct collision between the roller and disc, which will cause vibration and affect the normal operation of the vertical mill production.Therefore, reasonable setting of the height of the retaining ring and repairing the size of the retaining ring have a positive effect on improving the output.


2. The addition of scraper increases the output of vertical mill

raw material vertical mill

In order to reduce the accumulation and consolidation of the material in the center of the grinding disc and improve the control of the material layer by the auxiliary roller, a scraping plate is added in the center of the grinding disc with a height of 20cm away from the grinding disc.It can scrape the material in the center area of the vertical grinding disc, stabilize the material layer better, and ensure the material is ground evenly.It can also effectively reduce the wear of the vertical mill body.

3. Hydraulic system pressure

Hydraulic system valve failure, abnormal pressure switch or internal leakage will cause pressure drop, nitrogen cylinder, energy storage device pressure value does not meet the requirements, will affect the output of the table.During each downtime, check the pressure of the nitrogen cylinder to ensure that the nitrogen pressure of the piston accumulator is at 8bar.The nitrogen pressure of the skin accumulator is 40bar, and the insufficient pressure will cause the lift roll time out and the system response is slow.The positive and negative pressure tubing leakage of each hydraulic cylinder should also be checked in production and handled in the downtime maintenance.

raw material vertical mill

4. Material requirements

The requirements of vertical mill on materials are mainly manifested in the grindability and grindability.The higher the hardness of the material, the longer the time for the material to be grinded into finished products, the more the number of cycles in the mill, and the wear of the equipment.The accumulation and hardening of water-containing slag on both sides of the feeding pipe lead to the clogging of the feeding pipe into the mill and the frequent shutdown of the rotary feeder due to overload, making the mill unable to operate normally.

In the process design, the different physical characteristics of various materials should be taken into full consideration. If the fineness is close to the qualified materials, they should be directly fed into the vertical grinding separator.It is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the equipment of the vertical mill system.

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