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How to solve the problem of blocking the roll crusher

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The blocking of roll crusher is a problem that any enterprise is unwilling to meet in the process of equipment production.Blocking material will affect the production efficiency of the equipment and even cause damage to the equipment.The crushing of materials cannot be separated from the crusher.If clogging occurs in the process of feeding and conveying, which will reduce the crushing capacity and even affect the size of finished materials, how to solve the clogging problem of roller crusher?

1. Material pretreatment

If the moisture and viscosity of the broken material is relatively large, or the non-broken material is too much, the material can be pre-screened and pre-washed to reduce the difficulty of crushing.

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2. Adjust the elastic force of the triangle belt

If the triangle belt of the roller crusher is too loose, it will rotate with the groove wheel, a large number of materials can not be broken, stagnation in the crushing chamber of the crusher, will cause material blockage.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the triangle belt.

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3. Observe whether the operation of eccentric shaft is normal

When the eccentric shaft set bushing loose, the eccentric shaft will be stuck, roll crusher will not be broken.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the eccentric shaft operates normally.

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4. Install alarm device

The running current of the belt conveyor is related to the amount of material.More materials, easy to cause the crusher to stop.Therefore, according to this characteristic, an alarm device can be installed at the feed port of the roller crusher and connected to the relay.When the conveyor reaches the set current value, the relay works and the alarm device starts to alarm to stop the conveying in time.

Roll crusher roll skin made of high manganese steel, compared with traditional materials, combined with advanced production technology, each type of roll skin service life can be increased by 30 percent.Different crusher manufacturers have different types and quality of roller crusher accessories, which mainly depends on the working principle and structure of different types of crusher.

Currently, there are universal and different kinds of crushers on the market.Quotation and quality of roll crusher vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Jiangsu LVSSN can adjust roll crusher equipment according to customers' work needs, so as to achieve good production results, reduce wear and tear, and extend its service life.The increase of the service life of the broken roller is also the increase of the service life of the equipment. The replacement of the roller skin will also cause the stagnation of production. If the replacement is reduced, the production time will be increased, which brings us huge production benefits.

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