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Lime kiln kiln end temperature too low how to do?

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In addition to calcination temperature and exhaust air volume, the amount of blanking is also an important factor in the change of rotary kiln tail temperature.Lime kiln kiln end temperature too low how to do?

Lime rotary kiln

1. The reason why the temperature at the end of the kiln is too low

(1) Lime rotary kiln kiln tail discharge more;

(2) raw materials entering the kiln have poor preheating and low decomposition rate;

(3) add water to the end of the wet kiln;

(4) low firing temperature;

(5) Lime rotary kiln kiln tail seal is not good, air leakage is big;

Lime rotary kiln

(6) the kiln is fast and the exhaust air is small;

(7) loop forming in the kiln;

(8) into the kiln slurry water

(9) pile mud on the feeding pipe.


2. Methods to control the temperature at the end of lime rotary kiln


When the position of the coal pipe, the size of the exhaust air, the speed of the kiln is appropriate, and there is no knot ring, the solution to the change of the tail temperature should start from the blanking and firing temperature.

Lime rotary kiln

(1) The wet kiln should check whether the number of discharging seconds is within the required range, and the dry kiln should check whether the depth of the discharging bin is too large and whether the bin is empty.If it is caused by the high firing temperature, the coal and wind should be reduced immediately, and the fire operation should be strengthened to restore the normal firing temperature.

(2) when the tail temperature of lime rotary kiln kiln is low, it is necessary to accurately feed and stabilize the water content of slurry entering the kiln and ensure the normal temperature of the firing zone. At the same time, according to the degree of rise or decrease of the tail temperature, the amount of exhaust air should be temporarily reduced and increased accordingly to bring the tail temperature into the normal fluctuation range.For the preheating and pre-decomposition kiln, the preheater system and decomposition furnace should be checked to strengthen the preheating of raw materials and improve the decomposition rate of raw materials into the kiln.

Depending on the fire should practice a set of skills, in calcination to adapt to the amount of material, properly handle the high and low temperature of the firing zone, so that the thermal system is not due to the tail temperature fluctuations and seriously damaged.

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