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Operation precautions of crusher in summer

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In such a continuous hot weather, not only people need to beat the heat, mechanical equipment also need "beat the heat".Therefore, the user must do a good job of crusher "heatproof" work, otherwise it will not only affect production, but also cause safety accidents.

1. Operation of crusher in summer

(1) before starting the crusher, first make an effort to move the driving wheel for one or two turns to ensure the flexibility of operation, and then start;And the boot must not be directly feeding, until the crusher can operate normally.

(2) keep the feeding uniformity of the crusher, not excessive.Do not break the material into the machine, such as metal, wood, etc.

2. Solution of bearing high temperature

Bearing is the most important part of jaw crusher, bearing state temperature should be paid attention to when working at high temperature, and pay attention to whether the sound and vibration are abnormal.If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately to find out the cause and confirm whether it is stuck by non-breakable objects or whether the hammer head and other parts are damaged.

The causes of high temperature of bearing include:


(1) improper lubrication

Ensuring good lubrication of bearing is an important measure to reduce production wear and improve economic benefits, and whether the lubrication system can work properly is the premise of good lubrication of equipment.When the bearing oil breaks, friction aggravates, will naturally appear heating;When the injection of excessive lubricating oil, not only will waste a large number of lubricating grease, but also will cause lubrication system disorder, causing temperature rise;When the oil hole is blocked, improper lubrication will cause temperature rise.

(2) improper use of lubricating grease

The choice of lubricating oil also affects the temperature rise of the bearing.Too high viscosity or too small viscosity is not easy to form oil film, can lead to the bearing temperature rise too high.Especially when the viscosity of lubricating oil is high, it not only increases the internal friction between lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between oil products and metals, thus generating too much heat.

(3) severe bearing wear

Jaw crusher after long-term use, such as bearing easy to wear parts will appear serious problems, and then use, not only can not achieve the effect, but also will cause the temperature rise, the operation of the whole equipment will cause bad effects.

Solutions for bearing high temperature:


(1) timely lubrication

The amount and time of lubricating grease addition should be changed in time according to the running condition of the equipment, which requires close attention to the running condition of the equipment.An appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added every 400 hours of work. The lubricating oil added into the bearing seat should be 50% to 70% of the volume and replaced every 3-6 months.Avoid the phenomenon of too much or too little lubricating oil injection.Also do a good job of cleaning oil hole, to prevent the blockage of oil hole can not add lubricating oil.

(2) proper selection of lubricating grease

When choosing lubricating grease, it is important to choose lubricating oil with high viscosity, good adhesion characteristics and good vibration reduction characteristics.Take into account the economic applicability of lubricating oil, minimize the cost of investment;According to the change of seasonal temperature, choose different lubricating oil;Do not mix different lubricating oils;The lubricating oil is also used to protect the rolling bearing surface from corrosion, so it must be able to absorb condensed water, etc.

(3) timely repair and replacement of bearings

Bearings must be replaced when they become worn out of service.When assembling, pay attention to clean the bearing bush, shaft neck, oil collector and lubricating oil pipeline.Then the main shaft tile, connecting rod tile and other assembly.When installing the triangle belt, it should be slightly looser than normal operation

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