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Practical method to improve the service life of intermittent ball mill

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Intermittent ball mill is mainly composed of cylindrical cylinder, end cover, bearing and transmission gear ring.In cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and nonferrous metal processing and glass ceramics and other production industries, can be a variety of ore and other grainable materials for dry or wet grinding.Practical method to improve the service life of intermittent ball mill.

1. How it works

Intermittent ball mill is horizontal cylindrical rotating device, the outer gear transmission, two positions, grate energy-saving ball mill. The material is composed of feeding device through the hollow shaft spiral evenly into the mill first warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotation will generate centrifugal force after the ball to a certain height, pounding and grinding effect on material. The material in the first warehouse after reaching coarse grinding, the single layer insulation storehouse board into the second warehouse, the warehouse with a flat plate, inside the steel ball, will further grinding material. Powder by unloading Bi board, finish grinding homework.

intermittent ball mill

2. Strong adaptability of lining board

A lot of intermittent ball mill on the market is high manganese steel, the new use of alloy steel ball mill lining plate, in practice has shown an excellent cost performance, can use a variety of mine rocks in the wet grinding, dry grinding mixed mill.

intermittent ball mill

3. High bending strength of gear

Geyser ball mill accessories using gear displacement, can eliminate the phenomenon of following cut, gear displacement, make geyser ball mill gear bending strength increased more than one times.The displacement gear can reduce the sliding speed of meshing and the sliding ratio, so as to improve the wear resistance and anti-bonding performance, good lubrication, reliable operation.

intermittent ball mill

4. Long life of rolling bearing

Intermittent ball mill is a rolling bearing, hollow shaft diameter thickened, so that the distance between the rolling bearing and feeding screw cylinder increased, played a role in cooling, extending the bearing life.

5. Thin oil lubrication, energy saving and consumption reduction

Intermittent ball mill in the work, the use of thin oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication, prevent the lack of oil caused by poor lubrication, reduce wear.

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