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Roller crusher roller skin wear too fast solution

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Roller crusher is applicable to the coarse and intermediate crushing of brittle block materials in cement, chemical industry, electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, coal mines and other industries.The wear process of roller crusher roller skin determines the production capacity, only in the best state of roller skin can make the output to ensure the maximum, at the same time the product size to ensure the best.Roller crusher roller skin wear too fast solution.

1. The main factors of wear of roller crusher roller skin

Roller crusher

1.1 hardness of ore to be treated.

If the material hardness compressive strength is greater than 300MPa, the material is difficult to break, and easy to wear roller leather.

1.2 strength of roller leather material.

Generally, high wear resistance manganese steel or special carbon steel (chromium steel, chromium manganese steel, etc.) is used to improve the wear resistance of roller skin.

1.3 surface shape and size of roller and operating conditions.

If the surface of the roller is not smooth, the size is not in accordance with the requirements, or the improper operation, it will cause wear of the roller skin.

1.4 feeding method and feeding particle size.

When feeding uneven distribution, roller skin not only wear quickly, and roller surface will appear ring groove, so that the particle size of broken products is not uniform.In the operation of the roller crusher, but also pay attention to the size of the feed grain size, feed grain size is too large, will produce a violent impact, roll wear is serious, coarse crushing is particularly significant.

1.5 movement mode of roller.

When it is necessary to change the crushing ratio and move the roller, it is necessary to make the roller move in parallel so as to prevent the roller from being inclined and causing rapid and uneven wear of the roller skin.

2. Solutions to reduce roller wear

Roller crusher

The degree of wear of roller skin directly affects the operation of the entire roller crusher equipment. If effective measures are not taken to reduce the wear of roller skin, not only will affect the operation of the entire production line, but also increase the maintenance time and cost.So how to do to reduce the wear of roller skin?

(1) material distribution should be as even as possible to reduce the wear degree of roller surface ring groove and roller skin.In the operation of the crusher, especially in the process of coarse crushing, pay attention to the size of the ore block, to prevent the ore block is too large, resulting in the roller crusher produced violent vibration, thus serious wear roller skin.

(2) choose the roller skin with good wear resistance, which can reduce the wear degree of the roller skin, thus extending the service life of the roller.

(3) the particle size of the broken products should be checked frequently and one of the rollers should be moved along the axis once within a certain period of time. The movement distance is about 1/3 of the size of the ore.

(4) the length of the feeder shall be consistent with the length of the roller to ensure uniform feeding along the length of the roller.In addition, for continuous feeding, the feeder should be 1-3 times faster than the roller.

(5) to prevent the roller from being skewed, especially when it is necessary to change the crushing ratio and move the roller, ensure the parallel movement of the roller.

(6) regularly check the wear of roller skin, found serious wear, to timely replace.

Roll wear leather is each to roll crusher equipment are inevitable phenomenon, but we can of the above will cause the crusher roller skin factors in order to evade wear phenomenon, through the way of strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance, to reduce the wear degree, enhances the working efficiency of the equipment, prolong the service life of crusher, save maintenance cost.

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