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The harm of rotary kiln barrel deformation and the solution

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Equipment is the foundation of production, rotary kiln is the central equipment of cement production and one of the key points of equipment management.Rotary kiln requirements are round and straight, but due to various reasons in production will occur deformation, resulting in tile heat, brick off and other adverse consequences, but also cause the increase in energy consumption.The harm of rotary kiln barrel deformation and the solution

rotary kiln

1. Methods and causes of rotary kiln deformation


1.1 deformation mode of cylinder


The deformation forms of rotary kiln can be divided into two categories, namely, annular deformation and axial deformation.

For rotary kiln, annular deformation always exists, but the requirement is less than one thousandth of kiln diameter, which is normal.Beyond this range, plastic deformation is abnormal.Reasons in addition to the design, manufacturing is the use of reason, mainly comes from two aspects, the first is red brick kiln, red kiln cylinder temperature is very high, after the cylinder strength, elongation, each part of the body shell will go toward outside convex or concave, toroidal deformation is generated, if red kiln appeared under the belting leather, drum wheel a trustee extrusion dents.The second is that the gap of the belt is too large, which results in the loss of the strengthening effect of the belt on the barrel, and the barrel is convex inward under the action of the supporting wheel of the belt.

1.2 causes of cylinder deformation

(1) improper heating operation

(2) improper operation of kiln stop

(3) stop the kiln for a long time

(4) the kiln skin is unstable

(5) the supporting wheel is off-center

rotary kiln

2. Damage of rotary kiln barrel deformation

(1) the deformation of the rotary kiln cylinder is not conducive to the bricklaying, especially the annular convex drum and the longitudinal convex drum.

(2) easy to drop brick red kiln, shorten the lining life of kiln.

(3) the cylinder is bent out of shape and the center line is out of position, which causes the neck to run and increases the power consumption.

(4) when the cylinder body is bent, disturbance will occur during operation, and the stress on the supporting wheel will change, which is easy to cause heating of the rotary kiln bearing bush.

(5) deformation at the end of the kiln may easily cause difficulty in sealing the head and tail of the rotary kiln, pollute the environment, and affect the service life of the sealing elements. In serious cases, it may also endanger the kiln door cover and smoke chamber, etc

rotary kiln

3. Prevention of deformation of rotary kiln barrel

As a thermal equipment, the rotary kiln is inevitably deformed due to the influence of thermal instability, but it can be controlled by different means to ensure its operation in a better state. Specific measures can be as follows.

(1) ensure the stability of primary combustion materials, so as to achieve thermal stability and relative stability of kiln skin. In this way, the difference in temperature of rotary kiln barrel will be narrowed, so as to ensure that the bending amount of kiln is within a smaller range.

(2) when the brick is dropped from the kiln or the lining of the local kiln is very thin, the kiln should be stopped to avoid plastic deformation of the cylinder.

(3) turn the kiln intermittently or continuously and slowly according to the rules or operating instructions to avoid deformation of the rotary kiln due to improper operation.

(4) regularly measure and correct the center line of the kiln according to the situation, and adjust it in real time, so that the kiln can operate under better basic conditions.

(5) as for the adjustment of the kiln, it is not allowed to leave the foundation or make the rotary kiln and kiln run away from the center line.

(6) if the head and tail of the kiln are found to jump too much, it must be handled according to the plan to avoid damage to the head and tail.

(7) when it is found that the slip amount of the belt is too large, the backing plate shall be replaced or thickened. If there is no slip amount, cool air shall be blown into the gap of the backing plate to reduce the temperature difference between the barrel and the belt, and the temperature difference shall be controlled below 180℃.And so on.

There are many factors that affect the deformation of the rotary kiln barrel, and the causes of the deformation of the kiln barrel are complex, often caused by a variety of reasons.

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