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The solution of uneven material produced by cone crusher

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Cone crusher with high production capacity, smooth operation, good crushing performance and welcomed by the general, but sometimes there will be uneven material phenomenon, not only reduce the production efficiency of cone broken, but also affect the grain type of the product.The solution of uneven material produced by cone crusher.

1. Reasons for uneven discharge of cone crusher

cone crusher

(1) material particle size is too large, excellent.

When the particle size in the crushing chamber is too large or very hard material, it will lead to serious particle size segregation of the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, the input material can not be completely broken, resulting in uneven discharge.

(2) excessive water content of materials.

When the materials with excessive water content enter the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, they will adhere to each other and cause the blockage of the materials in the crushing chamber, which reduces the crushing ability of the equipment to the materials, thus causing the phenomenon of uneven discharge.

(3) too many feed materials.

When too many materials are put into the crushing chamber, it is easy to make the materials clog up in the crushing chamber and occupy part of the space in the crushing chamber to reduce the crushing space, and the particle size of the crushed materials may appear uneven.

(4) improper size of the discharge port.

When the size of the discharge port of the cone crusher is not at that time, it is easy to cause the material that has been broken is not discharged in time, causing the blockage of the material, affecting the crushing situation of the material, aggravating the blockage of the material, causing the uneven crushing of the material.

(5) the voltage is too low.

When the working voltage on the crushing site is too low, the production conditions cannot be provided for the normal crushing of the cone crusher, and the crushing power is insufficient, resulting in uneven particle size of the broken product.

cone crusher

2. How to prevent uneven cone breaking?


2.1 correct feeding

(1) specify the parameters of the cone crusher used, especially the requirements on the nature of materials, and input suitable materials according to the relevant requirements of the crusher.For the cone crusher does not meet the requirements of the production process, such as the temperature is too high or the water is too large, can first carry out the corresponding treatment work, make the material as far as possible to meet or close to the requirements, to avoid the broken material particle size is not up to standard.

(2) uneven feeding easily causes overload operation of the machine, uneven particle size of the discharged products, fast wear of moving cone and fixed cone lining plate, etc., which seriously affects the production capacity of the equipment.In view of this situation, the feeding funnel can be transformed to make the feeding ore evenly unloaded on the distribution plate, so as to evenly feed into the crushing cavity, to solve the problems of uneven product size and overload of the machine.

Cone crusher accessories

2.2 timely adjustment of parameters

(1) when the material put into the cone crusher changes, it is necessary to timely adjust the size of the discharge port according to the nature of the broken material.After the adjustment of the outlet, can be used to measure the size of the steel wire shot, when after the adjustment of the outlet to meet the needs of users, should first use the locking cylinder to adjust the ring lock before starting the equipment, and then enter the safety of production.

(2) in the production, it is necessary to check whether the working voltage on the site is sufficient and whether the tightness of the belt is moderate. If there is anything improper, it should be timely adjusted to provide sufficient dynamic conditions for the normal crushing of the cone crusher, so as to avoid uneven particle size of the broken materials.


2.3 reduce wear of components

The moving cone is the main part of the cone crusher.Therefore, attention should be paid to check the use of moving cone in production to reduce the wear of moving cone parts.Such as in the moving cone and fixed cone working face inset with manganese steel lining plate, in order to protect the cone from wear, to ensure that the material in the crushing cavity of the crushing effect.

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