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To do this can improve the life of the impact crusher

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The use of equipment will inevitably lead to loss, and thus affect the use efficiency of equipment, efficiency will be lower and lower.To do this can improve the life of the impact crusher

1. Master the working principle of the impact crusher

impact crusher

When the impact crusher works, the rotor is driven by an electric motor and rotates at a high speed.When the material enters the hammer's area of action, it collides with the hammer on the rotor, is thrown into the counterattack device and breaks again, and then strikes back.The lining plate bounces back to the hammer action zone and is then re-crushed.This process is repeated and the material is repeatedly broken into large, small and small return Chambers until the material is crushed to the desired size and discharged from the outlet.

2. Problem-solving skills

From the working principle of the impact crusher, it can be seen that in the long-term crushing operation, the impact crusher crushing chamber wear is the most serious.Therefore, in the daily maintenance and repair work, often can check the wear and tear of the hammer, timely replacement and repair.

impact crusher

(1) in the case of severe wear or fracture, the method of restoration and repair is to carry out surfacing welding test on the worn plate hammer with 506 electrode, no. 2 high-carbon electrode and no. 5 high-tungsten electrode.The no. 5 high tungsten electrode surfacing counter impact hammer has the best wear resistance and impact resistance.After surfacing welding with 506 electrode and no. 2 high carbon electrode, the wear resistance of the balance hammer is more than 2 times higher than the original balance hammer of high manganese steel.

(2) the impact Angle of the impact crusher can be adjusted in daily work.The increase of impact Angle can increase the impact strength and ensure the particle size of the material after fracture.

(3) since heavy hammers are parts with more severe wear, they can be exchanged and reversed in the design of heavy hammers.

(4) the clearance between the rotor and the front of the shell of the impact crusher can be appropriately increased, which can prevent the front of the machine body from being blocked, effectively improve the production efficiency of discharging materials, and reduce the wear of parts.

(5) the moving arm of the front striking plate of the impact crusher and the back pressing rod are integrated to improve the elastic vibration of the striking plate, so that the bonded materials on the striking plate can be timely delivered to the shell of the crusher, and the subsequent materials can be crushed together into the lower bin.

If the equipment is to extend the life and improve the operating efficiency, it is important to pay attention to good daily maintenance and overhaul work.Of course, the purchase of jaw crusher to choose a regular manufacturer, if you have a need can leave a message with us.

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