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What are the causes of bearing heating of hammer crusher?

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In the use of hammer crusher, many users find that their hammer crusher will appear bearing heating phenomenon.Some of the phenomenon of fever appeared in the initial run-in period and returned to normal after a period of operation.Some of them last for a long time and have a great influence on production.What are the causes of bearing heating of hammer crusher?

1. Improper bearing design and selection

]hammer crusher

1.1 improper bearing selection

Hammer crusher belongs to the heavy load equipment, when the start is a heavy load, when the load is heavier and there is impact load, so, the choice of rolling bearing should pay special attention to two aspects of the problem:

(1) bearing load selection.

If the selected bearing rated load is low, the bearing wear in operation is serious, will cause the bearing heat and life shortened.

(2) selection of bearing clearance.

Too small clearance is not conducive to the formation of oil film and the elimination of thermal expansion, especially when the ambient temperature is high, too small original radial clearance will make the bearing in operation due to temperature rise and expansion, the clearance will become smaller or even zero, easy to cause bearing heating.

1.2 improper fit between bearing and shaft or hole design

Or improper fit of rolling bearing on the shaft, when the bearing is working, because of the influence of the friction heat and other sources of heat, the temperature of the ring will match the higher than the temperature of the parts, the inner ring of the thermal expansion amount can trigger it cooperate with shaft neck loose, and outer ring of the thermal expansion amount will cause it to shell hole with tight, this will cause bearing heating.

2. Bearing wear and matching failure


Bearing wear is the main faults in the hammer crusher bearings use, constant wear and tear will make bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage size changes, even produce pitting and spalling, bearing fit clearance increases, running components of the surface roughness increases, will reduce the bearing running accuracy, and thus can reduce the operation of the machine precision, that cause the bearing's temperature was increased, noise, vibration, serious when can cause fever, bearing the severe vibration, the burned even bend of shaft.

hammer crusher

3. The processing accuracy of spare parts is not up to the requirements

In the cause of bearing heating of hammer crusher, the processing accuracy of equipment parts and components is not up to the requirements, especially the processing accuracy of bearing seat is not up to the requirements, is also an important factor.Bearing hole processing to ensure the hole tolerance, roughness and cylindrical requirements.If the hole tolerance is too small, the matching clearance will be too small; if it is too large, the matching will be loose.


4. Vibration factor

The vibration of hammer crusher also has an effect on bearing wear and temperature rise.The vibration source includes the unbalance of the rotor, the misalignment of the installation, the looseness of the connecting bolt of the bearing seat and the vibration from the motor.In particular, the rotor imbalance factor is more prominent, because the rotor mass, high circumferential speed, after losing balance will produce a larger centrifugal force, making the crusher produce strong vibration, which will accelerate the bearing wear, cause the bearing heat.

5. Improper maintenance methods

In the use of bearing with set sleeve of hammer crusher, due to improper maintenance method, the bearing is too tight or one side is tight and the other side is loose, which will also cause bearing heat and bearing wear.The characteristic of bearing with tight sleeve is that the clearance of the bearing can be adjusted by the tight sleeve, but improper adjustment may cause the rupture of the tight sleeve or the loosening of the fit.

As for the fastening of bearing with tight sleeve, it is generally judged by measuring the reduction of radial clearance of bearing. After interference fit is formed during fastening, radial clearance of bearing will decrease on the basis of original clearance, while the reserved radial clearance should consider the influence of temperature difference between inner and outer ring when bearing is working.

hammer crusher

6. High ambient temperature

If the local temperature is higher, or the hammer crusher operating environment temperature is higher, will also cause the rise in bearing temperature.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the crusher requirements on the working environment.

Hammer crusher rolling bearing heating problem, there are many reasons, in dealing with the bearing heating problem, to be from the design, processing, installation, lubrication, use, maintenance and maintenance aspects of a comprehensive analysis and consideration, find out the main reasons, and take appropriate measures to deal with.

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