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What are the causes of slag spitting of vertical mill?

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Vertical mill slag spit is in the material can be blown from the standard wind, mixed in the material of the metal and the density of mixed stone from the nozzle ring fell through the scraper to clear out the mill, so there is a small amount of debris out of the process.If the amount of slag spit is small, we can ignore it temporarily, but if the amount of slag spit is significantly increased, we need to adjust it in time to stabilize the working condition.What are the causes of slag spitting of vertical mill?

1. Material segregation in mixing bin of vertical mill is serious

When the warehouse material level is low, the bulk material falls down intensively, the grinding time of the material is not enough, and the coarse powder overflows from the slag outlet.

vertical mill

2. The ventilation volume of the vertical mill system is out of balance

Due to the gas flowmeter misalignment or other reasons, resulting in a significant decline in system ventilation.The decrease of wind speed at the nozzle ring causes a lot of slag emiting.

3. Serious air leakage in the vertical mill system

Although the air volume at the fan and gas flowmeter did not decrease, a large amount of air leakage occurred at the nozzle ring due to the mill, grinding pipe, cyclone, dust collector and so on, resulting in a decrease in the wind speed and serious slag spitting.

4. The nozzle ring ventilation area of the vertical mill is too large

This phenomenon usually occurs in the grinding of materials with poor frangibility. Due to poor frangibility, the size of the vertical mill selected to maintain the same stage capacity is relatively large, the output does not increase, the ventilation volume does not need to increase synchronously according to the size, but the area of the nozzle ring increases.If the ventilation area is not reduced in time, the wind speed of the nozzle ring will be lower and slag emiting will be more.

vertical mill

5. The sealing device in the mill of the vertical mill is damaged

Between the grinding disc seat and the lower frame body of the vertical mill, three pull frame rods also have two sealing devices of upper and lower. If the sealing in these places is damaged and the air leakage is serious, it will affect the wind speed of the nozzle ring and cause slag emiting.

6. The gap between the grinding disc and the nozzle ring of the vertical mill increases

The clearance at this point is generally 5 ~ 8mm. If the iron parts used to adjust the clearance wear or fall off, the clearance will increase, and hot air will pass through the clearance, thereby reducing the wind speed at the nozzle ring and resulting in an increase in slag spitting.

7. The grinding pressure of the vertical mill is too low

When the vertical mill is in operation, the normal grinding pressure is 9 ~ 12MPa. When the grinding pressure is lower than 9MPa, the thickness of the material layer in the mill is higher than the retaining ring. Under the action of centrifugal force of the grinding disc, the material is scattered around, and large pieces of slag are ejected.

vertical mill

8. The nozzle ring of the vertical mill is seriously worn

Due to the serious wear of the nozzle ring, the good rotary wind cannot be formed in the grinding chamber, resulting in the imbalance of wind pressure or the insufficient wind speed of the nozzle ring resulting in slag spitting.

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