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What are the reasons for belt conveyor belt deviation?

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The fundamental cause of belt deviation is that the external force on the belt width direction is not zero, or perpendicular to the belt width direction of the tensile stress is not uniform, resulting in idlers or rollers on the belt reaction to produce a side of the force, under the action of this force caused the belt to one side of the deviation.What are the reasons for belt conveyor belt deviation?

1. The belt deviation caused by the center of nose, tail and intermediate frame is not in a straight line.

This is usually due to installation.Because the center of the three is not in a straight line, so that the belt longitudinal center line and the drum axis is not vertical, resulting in the belt machine in operation deviation.

2. Improper installation position of the drum causes the belt to run off track in the drum.

A belt conveyor has more than one drum, drum of all installation position must ensure that the perpendicular to the centerline of the adhesive tape and parallel to the horizontal plane, if the installation of the drum level is not enough, roller axial moving, or roller in the front end at the end of the last and make the installation position of roller and longitudinal center line of tape is not vertical, or roller axis and horizontal plane is not parallel, the belt by external force on the belt width is not zero, the belt will be referred to in to the resultant force direction running deviation.

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3. The connection of the conveyor belt is not straight, causing the middle of the conveyor belt to run off track.

The commonly used belt joint has two forms: mechanical joint and vulcanized joint.Either way, the joint should be flat. If the joint is not straight, the tension on both sides of the belt will not be consistent, so as to run off track.Deviation caused by incorrect joint of rubber belt is the deviation occurs wherever the joint of rubber belt runs.

4. Belt deviation caused by improper supporting roller frame or loose bolts fixing supporting roller frame.

During the installation of the belt conveyor, the symmetry degree between the center line of the supporting roller set and the center line of the conveyor frame shall not be greater than 3.0mm, and the upper surface of the supporting roller shall be located on the same horizontal plane or inclined surface.If the installation error of supporting roller set is too large or the fastening bolt is loose, the belt will be deviated.

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5. Belt deviation caused by conveyor belt damage.

The conveyor belt is easy to be damaged in the process of operation. When the degree of damage on both sides of the center line of the conveyor belt is different, the tensile rate on both sides will change. When the tensile rate on both sides is greatly different, the elongation of the belt on both sides is not consistent, it is easy to cause the belt deviation.

6. Belt deviation caused by serious vibration of equipment.

In the running process of the belt, the violent vibration of the belt machine will also cause the belt deviation, especially the radial pulsating belt deviation of the roller is the most obvious.

7. Belt deviation caused by too small curvature radius of concave belt conveyor.

For the belt conveyor designed with concave section, if the curvature radius of the concave section is too small, if there is no material on the belt when starting, the belt will bounce up in the concave section, and it will blow the belt off when encountering strong wind.

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