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What causes the failure of the crusher top bearing?

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In the interior of the crusher, different parts play a different role, but has the close relation between each other, a kind of damage to parts may cause the failure of other parts, of course, for the equipment efficiency and the damage is inevitable, so whatever the parts damaged phenomenon, all need timely solve, crusher end bearing failure phenomenon is what reason is caused?

1. Impact of failure of top bearing


In the interior of the crusher, the top bearing failure of the function of heart after losing swing automatically, then the equipment operation, top bearing will be subjected to dynamic cone extrusion direction in the plane of the irregular movement, this kind of phenomenon will cause central axis and waxing, copper set of contact at the contact point at the edge of the eccentric sheath thickness, less stress, so that more than oil film strength, and make the oil film rupture and dry friction, and this phenomenon will make the contact point temperature excursion, the heat is passed to the eccentric copper set, when the temperature reaches a certain, because the copper set of tin bronze quality for the material, its thermal expansion coefficient is higher than eccentric steel bushing,This phenomenon will cause the copper sleeve thermal expansion to a certain limit, by the steel sleeve inner circular surface constraints, copper sleeve and inward expansion, serious, the inner circular surface cracks, copper sleeve appears "holding the shaft" phenomenon, so that the crusher work is affected.

2. Failure reason of top bearing


2.1 failure of self-lubricating pad

In the structure of the crusher, joint bearing inner ring and outer ring itself exists between self-lubricating cushion, when should contact pressure exceeds permissible range, with the change of the oscillation frequency, the bearing friction coefficient and wear volume increases, the oscillating frequency and contact pressure, under the action of liner material plastic deformation, extrusion deformation and peeling, inner ring gasket materials, transfer, make joint bearing liner self-lubricating ability drops, cause gasket material adhesive wear and abrasive wear and failure;


2.2 periodic load impact

Because crusher working condition is bad, into the material if contains impurities, can appear the phenomenon of overload, the bearing will impact load, at the same time, under the effect of the rotation of the long-term load, when the load stress exceed the material yield limit, denudation bearing ring, which resulted in increased joint bearing clearance on inner and outer, vibration, wear, and so on and so forth, severe cases, the bearing failure;

2.3 poor sealing

Crusher top bearing at the time of installation, fluctuation period have dustproof sealing device, mainly in order to prevent dust and debris into the crushing cavity roof bearing, destroy the internal and external surfaces of the top bearing, but in the process of the machine for a long time running, sealing ring is strong sex, elasticity, abrasion resistance drop, so when the spindle reciprocating motion, the axis and seal the moment if is greater than the seal itself torsional moment, the seal appeared all week or partial flip, also it is easy to appear the roots wear and clearance between bites, make mine dust and debris particles into the top bearing, destroy the roof bearing surface,Cause ring raceway to produce indentation and failure;

2.4 insufficient lubrication

Top bearing is one of important wear parts in crusher, in order to ensure the smooth working process you need to carry on the reasonable lubrication, but because of the machine working conditions, and sealed, even with self-lubricating cushion, still need unluckily added grease to the top bearing parts, to ensure the normal running state, once the grease to join time quantity is too little, then enter the mine dust particles are attached on the surface of the top bearing form grinding grains and make the self lubricating cushion layer is destroyed,At the same time, the old grease of the crusher will mix with the ore dust and harden to accelerate the bearing wear and affect the bearing activity performance, thus leading to the failure of the top bearing.

Through the above analysis, we have a certain knowledge of crusher top bearing failure, in order to reduce the top bearing failure phenomenon, you need to prevent self-lubricating pad damage, reduce the machine in the production of bearings under cycle load impact and prevent seal undesirable phenomenon and completes the lubrication operation, which can guarantee the smooth production of the crusher.

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