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What is special about the shell of the hammer crusher?

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The vibration of hammer crusher is intensified during operation, which indicates that there may be uneven wear between the worn parts and the rotor, which is caused by unbalanced state or looseness caused by asymmetric rotor and materials.The pulley.After the normal vibration has been removed, the inspection can be suspended.Today we're going to take a look at what's special about the shell of a hammer crusher.

1. Hammer crusher vibration switch

The vibration switch installed on the hammer crusher can be set to take active rest before equipment damage and personal injury occurs when unbalanced vibration is detected.When the crushing and sanding machine is fed, the unbalanced process of about 30~60s usually occurs.In this case, the feed cannot be stopped and increased as much as possible until the vibration is reduced.

hammer crusher

2. Large feed particles

When the feed particle is large, intermittent vibration will occur and return to normal state after a few seconds.This is due to the fact that a throwing head of the rotor stagnates and eliminates the normal situation caused by accumulation of accumulation of material.Tension.The rotor wear parts of hammer crusher are designed to protect the rotor body from wear.

hammer crusher

3. Shell composition of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is mainly composed of shell, rotor, hammer head, lining plate, screen plate, etc.No component has its own functions and different obligations, and the whole fragmentation operation performs perfectly.It shows the fragmentation of the equipment, such as impact, shear, impact, grinding, etc., and produces high-quality sand and gravel aggregates for the areas that need to be used.

The shell of hammer crusher is the carrier of the whole crusher and the carrier of various parts.It withstands both external and internal forces.This is a solid fort.The rotor is the transfer of the operating force of the entire device.It is composed of spindle, hammer plate, pin shaft and hammer head.It bears the important mission of the whole crushing process.The quality of the gravel is directly related to him.

hammer crusher

Although the hammer is an integral part of the rotor, it has a separate unit, which is the main crushing tool in direct contact with the material and needs to be forged with special steel.Lining is a broken part.The equipment USES the broken material phase.After the material is hit, it hits the lining directly to achieve secondary impact breakage.The lining bounces back into the broken space, and the material is crushed again by the impact.

Hammer crusher is a kind of special used in the production of sand and stone construction production equipment.Hammer crusher is mainly used in construction, highway, railway, mining and other industries with sand, stone production equipment, can be used for rock and gravel.

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