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What is the ideal combustion flame state of rotary kiln?

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The combustion flame state of rotary kiln is an important link that cannot be ignored in the operation of rotary kiln. What is the optimal combustion flame state of rotary kiln?


Rotary kiln flame

1. Ideal combustion flame state of rotary kiln

The ideal of the rotary kiln burning flame shape is on any section of circular, longitudinal profile should be "jealousy" form, the flame shape is effective to protect kiln mouth, more make the flame length in the calcining zone for efficient heat exchange, improve kiln production, quality, reduce the heat loss, protect kiln and brick, prolong service life, at the same time can protect the burner nozzle will not burn out early, guarantee the barrel temperature equilibrium.

Structure drawing of rotary kiln

2 such as partial fire phenomenon

If the flame is irregular, such as partial fire phenomenon, this is due to the multi-channel burner layer steel plate wear serious, resulting in coal wind channeling, nozzle circular gap error is too large, out of round or inner tube support wear, out of round nozzle ejecting wind coal uneven.The fire damage and deformation of steel pipe in each layer of nozzle are caused by improper relative position between burner and kiln.If the flame tip returns to the irregular shape of the mushroom flame, it is usually caused by the increased airflow resistance in the back ring, the insufficient exhaust air in the kiln tail, the too small pumping force, that is, the negative pressure in the kiln tail decreases, the big ball in the kiln and other reasons.

Rotary kiln flame

3. The flame state is not ideal

If the flame is too short, too fat, no black flame head of the flame, the flame will make the front of the kiln temperature is too high, on the fire and kiln skin, refractory brick, etc.If the flame is too long, too thin, the root is too long, that is, the black flame head is too long flame shape, this flame cannot meet the requirements of calcining clinker, can lead to high tail temperature, easy to cause coal dust after combustion, ash deposition, the formation of crust, ring and other abnormal phenomena

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