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Requirements for installation of hammer crushing equipment

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Hammer crusher in normal use will have a certain frequency and intensity of vibration.In order to avoid strong vibration, it is usually installed on a concrete foundation. To reduce vibration and noise, hardwood spacers, rubber bands or other shock absorbing materials are placed between the equipment and the concrete.What is the specific installation method, the following is the hammer crusher requirements.

(1) mechanical elevation error of hammer crusher shall not exceed ±0.5mm;The center position error shall not exceed ±0.2mm.

(2) the lower part of the hammer crusher frame is padded with hardwood, and the whole body shall be kept horizontal with a horizontal error of no more than ±0.2mm.

(3) the motor shaft and the spindle axis of hammer crusher must be kept concentric.The torsion and deflection of the elastic coupling should be within the allowable deviation.

(4) the shape and weight of the symmetrical hammer head should be similar, and the weight error should not be too large.In general, the maximum difference between the total weight of a row of hammers and the total weight of a symmetrical row is not more than 30 -- 40g.

(5) after the hammerhead and rotor are assembled, a static balance test shall be carried out. It is required that when the rotor stops naturally after rotation, it is not allowed to return 1/10 of a circle in any position.

In the process of debugging should pay attention to maintain the dynamic balance, if the hammer crusher in operation to produce violent vibration, can be considered to be a dynamic imbalance phenomenon, need to adjust the rotor axis of rotation, make the sum of its main axis of inertia consistent.Hammer crusher can only be put into production after proper installation and normal test run.

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