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Study on large interference of spindle of cone crusher

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Cone crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing of ore/rock. It is widely used in mining, water conservancy, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and engineering construction and other fields.With the continuous progress of technology, cone crusher productivity and work efficiency gradually improve, equipment performance, work stability and automation degree have been greatly improved.

cone crusher

1. Structure and installation requirements of spindle of crusher

Take multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher as an example. The spindle of crusher is installed in the center hole of crusher frame, which is used to support the whole rotary part of the crusher. The eccentric sleeve of crusher rotates around the spindle, and the eccentric sleeve drives the moving cone to generate rotary motion, so as to realize the crushing operation of materials in the crushing cavity.If the main shaft moves/looses during the working process of the crusher, it is likely to cause serious damage to the crusher. Therefore, the reliability of the main shaft installation will directly affect the stability of the crusher, thereby affecting the production efficiency of the whole crushing process.

Due to large crusher work spindle under load, in addition to bear the weight of the cones and ore crushing cavity.problems in the downward pressure on the outside, you also need to bear the follower broken department passed the cone and the action of forces with eccentric sleeve between the sliding bearing friction torque, and due to the impact of the crusher work, large vibration and frequently, therefore, the assembly of cone crusher on the interference of a main shaft installation size, verticality, center position and height have very strict requirements, generally USES the taper hole bigger than surplus quantity with method to ensure the reliability of the bearing capacity and installation.At the same time, in order to avoid plastic deformation and stress caused by excessive interference, it is necessary to calculate accurately the assembly interference of the spindle and the center hole of the frame.

Normally, the interference can be designed and selected according to the main motor power of the crushing machine, the size of crushing force, parts materials, machining accuracy, spindle diameter and taper hole matching length and other parameters.The actual calculation results of spindle interference quantity of cone crusher with multiple specifications show that the interference quantity required for spindle assembly is large, and the interference quantity of some specifications has far exceeded 1‰ of spindle diameter.


2. Assembly process design of taper hole with large interference


2.1 traditional assembly process

By analyzing the structural characteristics of rack and spindle as well as the technical requirements of spindle assembly, in order to simplify the assembly process, at the same time to better ensure the assembly accuracy and protect the assembly surface, the pressure assembly technology method was firstly excluded, and the hot or cold assembly technology was considered.However, under the influence of large interference amount, the traditional hot or cold assembly technology has the following disadvantages:

(1) simply using the thermal assembly technology, the heating temperature of the inclusions (frame) will be very high, which may cause the thermal stress deformation of the frame, and affect the quality accuracy of other finishing surfaces on the frame.Because the frame of the crusher has a large external size, complex structure, many finishing surfaces, and strict tolerance requirements for key dimensions and shapes and positions, it is difficult to meet the final assembly requirements by adopting the heating (frame) only thermal loading process.

(2) only using cold assembly technology, the cooling temperature requirements of the subsumed parts (spindle) will be very low, and the current cooling equipment is difficult to reach the cooling temperature required for cold assembly. Therefore, the cold assembly technology only used to cool (spindle) cannot meet the requirements of assembly clearance required for assembly.


2.2 New assembly process

In order to solve the above problems, a new assembly technology of large over-interference of cone hole, which combines cold assembly and hot assembly, is proposed.The main purpose is to change the temperature difference between the crusher frame and the spindle, so as to generate the required assembly gap between the two. At the same time, a set of auxiliary testing tools -- spindle supporting beam tools is designed, through which the adjustment, detection and positioning of the spindle in the assembly process can be realized.

cone crusher


The installation of the spindle is mainly divided into the following steps:

(1) pre-install the spindle, check the contact rate of the conical surface, use the dead weight to put the spindle vertically in the center hole of the rack, check the contact situation of the conical surface, and prepare for research if it fails to meet the design requirements.

(2) after the contact is uniform and meets the design requirements, the tool is used to detect the height position of the spindle and record relevant data.

(3) according to the cone parameters, the required interference is converted into the descending height of the spindle, and the spacer thickness installed on the spindle supporting beam is selected accordingly, and the height of the spindle supporting beam is adjusted to meet the position requirements of the spindle after installation.

(4) install the spindle support beam and remove the spindle.

(5) calculate the size of spindle after cooling contraction according to the interference amount, calculate the cooling temperature and select the cooling mode.

(6) freeze the spindle, control the cooling temperature, make the spindle outside diameter contraction, at the same time check the spindle outside diameter size at intervals, meet the requirements of the completion of freezing.

(7) calculate the size of the central hole of the rack to be heated and expanded according to the amount of interference, calculate the heating temperature and choose the heating mode.Note that the heating temperature should not be too high to avoid deformation of the frame or surface oxidation.

(8) locally heat the frame, control the heating temperature, and measure the size of the center hole at regular intervals. After meeting the requirements, immediately load the cooled spindle into the center hole, and control the height position through the spindle supporting beam tooling.

(9) when the spindle and the frame reach the same temperature, remove the spindle support beam tooling.

(10) check the spindle height and make records to verify whether it meets the design requirements.

The above method is used to complete the spindle assembly work of several spindle fixed multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher of different specifications. Through practice and verification, the method is accurate in installation and positioning, convenient in operation, and effectively improves the installation efficiency of the spindle.

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