O-sepa separator

Production capacity:10-275t/h

Feeding amount:45-720t/h

Main motor:15-132kw

Air volume:16000-240000m³/h


New type O-SEPA separator is a high efficient powder separator that is developed on the basis of traditional O-SEPA powder separator and by using the most advanced technology in the international market. Compared with common O-SEPA separator the improved O-SEPA separator increases the separation areas of the powder separator so that the separation ratio of the materials in the actual condition is higher and the powder separation effect is better.

Sepa classifier's structure is a volute cyclone Jane built-in cage rotor the rotor outer ring is equipped with guide vane the upper rotor is 90 ° elbow air outlet and inlet and the lower part of the rotor is coarse powder cone principle: selected materials from the top of the feed into the mouth fell on the rotating sprinkled salt material due to the effect of centrifugal force the material being scatters out hit the buffer board and change direction free fall within the annular space between the rotor and the guide vane forming curtain material.Primary air and secondary air from body on both sides of each other into 180 ° two tangential inlet air into and through the guide vane guide combined with the rotation of the rotor the formation of strong level rotary flow separation (eddy current) powerful shear force to lumps of material breaking create conditions for efficient choose powder the fine particles by centrifugal force effect is less than the air flow to the heart of the suction with air flow through the rotor blade into the rotor the duct was out in the middle and the collected by dust catcher coarser particles in the process of falling due to the centrifugal force greater than air flow to the heart of the suction into the guide vane and horizontal tangential flow was constantly will adhere to its fineThe powder continues to wash down the meter and into the center of the cage-shaped rotor.Fall into the dust bucket coarse powder qualified fine powder will be on the circumference of the dust bucket cloth secondary wind cleaning make fine powder out
    The rotor blade with special shape replaces the rotor blade with ordinary shape which increases the sorting area of the separator and the separation rate of materials is higher and the powder selection effect is better in the actual situation.
    The advantages of adding eddy current dispersing device in the rotor of the powder separator are as follows:
    1.avoid eddy current pressure drop reduce the pressure drop of the separator.
    2.Transfer the energy produced by airflow rotation to the rotor reducing the power consumption of the drive device and avoiding the energy consumption of eddy current production.
    3.The tangential velocity at the outlet of the separator is reduced by using eddy current scatters and the wear is reduced.
    4.Increased the air volume three times thus the powder selection efficiency up to 80%.
    5.The distribution of particles is more uniform and the distribution of particles is more reasonable so as to improve the specific surface area.
    6.Wind shield seal good seal long life.

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