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Jaw crusher

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Product Introduce:

  Product introduction:

  Jaw crusher can be hard, strong abrasion of a variety of ores and rocks for coarse and medium crushing.

  It has dismountable non-welding structure frame, optimized cavity structure, double wedge adjustment device, selected raw materials and components, elastic limit damping device, integrated motor base and other special design, high crushing efficiency, low investment cost, long service life, stability, will become the world's favorite jaw crusher.

  Application: metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, cement, construction, refractory materials and ceramics and other industrial sectors

  Materials: ores, rocks and slag with compressive strength not higher than 300MPa

  Highlight the advantages

  Select raw materials and components

  In the key components are used in the domestic and foreign better raw materials (such as front/rear wall, side wall board, jaw board, bearing base, dynamic jaw body, spindle, etc.), choose the key parts (such as bearing, coupling, etc.) provided by a high level of manufacturers.

  Optimize cavity structure

  By optimizing the structure of the crushing chamber and the parameters of the moving jaw trajectory, the reasonable moment of inertia and the larger crushing stroke can make the crushing efficiency of the equipment higher under the same energy consumption.

  Integrated motor base

  Integrated motor block design, the motor block is fixed and installed on the crusher, which reduces the installation space and makes the power transmission more stable.

  Elastic limit damping device

  Elastic limit block and rubber damping device are adopted instead of rigid footing connection to effectively absorb the peak load of vibration, thus reducing the mutual impact between the crusher and the foundation and improving the service life of the equipment.

  Double wedge adjusting device

  Wedge adjustment replaces the traditional plate-type discharge port adjustment, making the discharge port adjustment operation more simple.

  Dismountable frame without welding structure

  The frame adopts side wall and front and rear wall separation design, and replaces the previous welding frame by bolting and fixing, which avoids the stress concentration problem caused by welding and makes the structure more compact and reliable.

  The damaged main parts can be replaced, which greatly improves the service life of the equipment and saves more cost for customers.

  The working principle

  The jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame assembly, jaw plate installation assembly, movable jaw assembly, wheel assembly, adjusting device assembly, transmission tensioning assembly, foundation installation assembly, feeding hopper (optional) and protective cover (optional).

  The jaw crusher usually takes the motor drive as the power source. The motor inputs the power to the belt pulley through the SPC belt, and the belt pulley drives the eccentric shaft to rotate to drive the jaw body to swing back and forth, up and down.

  When the moving jaw plate moves close to the fixed jaw plate, the volume of the crushing chamber will decrease, and the materials in the crushing chamber will be squeezed or split. When the moving jaw plate moves far away from the fixed jaw plate, the volume of the crushing chamber will increase, and small pieces of broken materials in the crushing chamber will be discharged from the discharge port, so as to make continuous circulation movement and realize crushing operation.


Type C6X110 C6X125 C6X145 C6X160 C6X200
  Length (mm) 1100 1250 1450 1600 2000
   Width(mm) 850 950 1100 1200 1500
  Rate of the electric motor(Kw) 160 160 200 250 400
  rotate speed(rpm) 230 220 220 220 200
  Size(mm)   Port(mm) T/H T/H T/H T/H T/H
0-105 70          
0-120 80 160-240        
0-135 90 180-260        
0-150 100 200-280 240-340      
0-185 125 250-360 280-410 320-470    
0-225 150 300-430 340-480 370-550 420-610  
0-260 175 340-490 370-550 430-630 470-700 620-890
0-300 200 380-550 420-620 480-710 530-790 690-1000
0-340 225   470-690 540-790 590-880 770-1100
0-375 250   520-760 600-870 650-970 850-1200
0-410 275     660-950 700-1060 930-1300
0-450 300       750-1100 1000-1500


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