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Hammer crusher

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Product Introduce:

  Introduction to hammer crusher

  Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for crushing limestone, coal or other brittle materials with medium hardness in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, hydropower industry, etc. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and even particle size.

  Our company has more than 30 years of design and manufacture of hammer crusher history, advanced product structure, reliable performance, stable work, low energy consumption.

  The hammer crusher produced by our company is of reasonable price and has formed a series of products, which are well received by domestic and foreign users.

  Type of hammer crusher

  According to the type of hammer crusher can be divided into: ring hammer crusher and heavy hammer crusher.

  The ring-hammer crusher collides with materials to crush materials after high-speed rotation. It has the characteristics of simple structure, large crushing ratio and high production efficiency, and can be broken in both dry and wet forms.

  The crusher has the disadvantages of high power consumption, low crushing efficiency and high spare parts consumption.

  Heavy hammer crusher is a kind of crushing equipment, but also the current industry hammer crusher series of more advanced technology of a kind of equipment, the use of advanced production technology, to achieve a one-time feeding molding, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection characteristics.

  The crusher adopts the principle of impact crushing, and its striking parts wear faster, which limits the types of materials produced by the heavy hammer crusher, and can only crush some materials with medium hardness.

  Working principle of hammer crusher

  Hammer crusher mainly rely on the impact to break the material.

  Is roughly such crushing process, the material into the crusher, subjected to high speed rotating hammer impact and broken, broken material obtained from hammer kinetic energy, from high speed toward the body flap, screen, meanwhile material impact each other, have been broken many times, the clearance of the material is less than the bar, from the eduction in clearance, individual large material, again on the screen bar by the impact of the hammer head, grinding, extrusion and crushing, the material being hammer head out from the gap.

  Thus obtaining the required granularity of the product.

  Hammer crusher is divided into reversible and irreversible, reversible hammer crusher rotor reversible, generally used for fine crushing;

  The rotor of an irreversible hammer crusher is usually used for medium crushing.

  Hammer head quality of hammer crusher

  The hammer head of hammer crusher is an easily damaged part in the production process. The damage of the hammer head will not only reduce the performance of the hammer head, but also reduce the crushing efficiency of the hammer crusher, seriously affecting the improvement of the whole production efficiency.

  Therefore, users in the purchase of hammer crusher, must focus on the hammer crusher hammer head material, performance and other factors, to understand the wear resistance of the hammer head.

  The hammer head of hammer crusher is made of high chromium cast iron with good abrasion resistance. It is a perfect combination of steel and iron. It has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance and safety reliability.

  Technical parameters of hammer crusher

specification production capacity(m³/h)
motor power(kw)
PCΦ400×300 5-10 4P 11KW
PCΦ600×400 10-22 4P 22KW
PCΦ800×600 18-40 6P 55KW
PCΦ1000×800 25-50 8P 75KW
PCΦ1000×1000 30-55 8P 90KW