Double plain-roll crusher

Feed particle size:35-150mm


Applicable materials:Coke coal gangue pebbles calcite quartz etc.



The double light roll crusher can be used for crushing all kinds of high and medium hardness ores and rocks in mineral processing chemical industry cement refractories abrasives building materials and other industrial sectors.

The smooth roll crusher is also known as the opposite roll crusher which uses two motors to drive two pairs of roller shafts to extrude and grind the material. Smooth roll crusher is suitable for fine crushing operation where the feed particle size is less than 80mm and the finished product particle size is 50 mesh-20mm. Such as the use of pebbles construction waste artificial sand; mining fine iron ore quartz stone; ceramic industry broken raw materials.
    1.The utility model has the advantages of simple structure small occupation space and convenient operation and maintenance.
    2.Compact structure light weight small size for the same production capacity requirements of the grinding system equipped with PDG-II smooth roll crusher can significantly save investment.
    3.If the smooth roll crusher is equipped in the grinding system the production capacity of the grinding equipment can be brought into full play the output can be increased by 30% to 40% and the total energy consumption can be reduced by 20% to 30%.
    4.The abrasive roll body is re-optimized and the equipment does not need to replace the mill roll body for life while the old smooth roll crusher needs to be taken apart and overhauled and replaced after one year of use.
    5.The interior is equipped with a dustproof plate which has good sealing performance avoids the splashing of fine materials after crushing has less dust low working noise and the working environment has been greatly improved.
    6.The smooth roll crusher is equipped with a safety protection device. When an accidental metal iron piece enters the crushing cavity the protection device acts and the iron leakage equipment operates normally.
    7.The smooth roll crusher grinding roller is equipped with replaceable wear-resistant liner which adopts domestic advanced wear-resistant material which has the advantages of long service life not easy to damage convenient maintenance and so on. Continuous service life can reach more than one year when the wear is serious remove the machine cover can be replaced. The amount of maintenance is small and the cost is low which is incomparable to any other type of crusher in China.
    8.The utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure low operating cost stable operation high efficiency and energy saving high crushing efficiency and adjustable discharge particle size.
    9.The roll gap of abrasive roll body of smooth roll crusher can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1mm~20mm. After adjusting the roll gap according to the requirement of crushing particle size the crushing particle size can be reliably controlled and all the ideal particle size can be discharged from below the crushing cavity.
    10.Smooth roll crusher is the working principle of roll extrusion with low speed and high pressure. The material falls vertically into the crushing cavity from the upper part of the crusher and most of the material has become powdery under the strong pressure between the two rollers and a large number of cracks have been produced in the interior of the remaining small part of the granular material. In the process of further grinding the grinding energy consumption can be greatly reduced and the output can be increased.

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