Roll crusher

Feed particle size:≤25-≤100mm


Applicable materials:Iron ore quartz stone potash feldspar limestone etc.



The roll crusher belongs to fine crushing equipment which is supported by two sticks so in the process of work it has higher stability and the discharge particle size is also quite uniform and the applicability is stronger.

Opposite roll crusher a kind of mining machinery also known as double roll crusher. Mainly used for crushing ore. The machine has the advantages of small volume large crushing ratio low noise simple structure and convenient maintenance. It has the advantages of uniform particle size low over-crushing rate convenient maintenance sensitive overload protection safety and reliability etc. Suitable for coal metallurgy mining chemical building materials and other industries more suitable for large-scale coal mines or coal preparation plants raw coal (including gangue) crushing.


    The utility model is equipped with a dustproof plate which has good sealing performance and avoids the splashing of the broken fine material; the movable roller and the fixed roller are all connected with the power by hard connection that is the coupling connection and the movable roller adopts the universal joint technology which completely avoids the biggest defect of the belt skidding of the old belt type (large material block).

    2.High efficiency

    The feeder adopts the structure of non-power powder separator that is before the material is fed into the roller press the material lower than 3-8mm is selected out without entering the roller press and the coarse material is uniformly spread into the roller press through the vibrating feeder which can greatly improve the crushing efficiency.

    3.Regulatory property

    Adjusting the roller gap the discharge particle size can be adjusted. After adjusting the roll gap according to the requirements of the crushing particle size the crushing particle size can be reliably controlled and all the ideal particle size can be arranged under the crushing cavity so as to change the output.


    When there is something too hard or unbreakable the roller can automatically back down by the action of the spring so that the gap between the rollers can be increased and the hard or unbreakable things can fall down so as to protect the machine from damage.


    The cone welding technology of large hydraulic roller press is completely adopted on the roll surface. The repair welding can produce more than 80 000 tons at a time and the cost is about 1000 yuan. The annual maintenance cost of the whole machine is not more than 2000 yuan and the power consumption is 1/2 of that of the hammer crusher.


    The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure light weight small volume small space convenient operation and maintenance low operating cost stable operation high efficiency and energy saving and high crushing efficiency.

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