Single stage crusher

Feed particle size:≤1250mm


Applicable materials:River pebbles iron ore limestone quartz stone etc.



Single stage crusher is mainly used in general brittle ore widely used in cement ceramics glass coal artificial sand and other fields. The equipment has the advantages of smooth operation safety long service life and so on.

Single stage crusher is suitable for crushing brittle ores with compressive strength < 150MPa such as limestone shale gypsum coal argillaceous siltstone and mixture of limestone and clay. The bulk ore can be broken to the particle size needed by grinding at one time so as to replace the traditional two-stage crushing simplify the technological process and save the production cost. This series of crusher is a special crusher for cement production suitable for crushing limestone (marl) and clay mixture but also can be used for coal crushing mainly used in cement production crusher large sand aggregate production and other engineering projects.

    1.High production efficiency

    The utility model has the advantages of large crushing ratio large feed particle size of 1.3 to 1.5m fine discharge good particle shape of processed aggregate and powdered material ≤ 20%.

    2.Fine size of discharge

    The crushing ratio of the single-stage crusher is larger than that of the crushing equipment of the same specification the particle size of the broken material is very fine and the particle shape of the processed aggregate is good and the discharge particle size of the equipment can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 3-150mm.

    3.Low operating cost

    The wear-resistant parts of the single-stage crusher have wear-resistant parts which reduces the wear rate and there is a thick material layer in the crushing cavity the effective maintenance equipment is not worn and the production cost is greatly reduced.

    4.Process simplification

    In the work of single-stage crusher the equipment simplifies the original two-stage or three-stage crushing work flow into a one-stage crushing process. The utility model improves the production capacity and has the advantages of large crushing ratio and simplified process.

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