Two stage crusher

Feed particle size:100-400mm


Applicable materials:Coal cinder coal gangue shale slag construction waste etc.


Two stage crusher is a practical product which can easily crush high humidity coal gangue shale cinder and so on.

Application scope of two-stage crusher: two stage crusher is suitable for crushing cinder slag shale coal gangue construction waste construction waste and other materials of calcite limestone brick and tile factory. The difficult problem of crushing high wet material of standard brick and hollow brick with gangue and shale as additive material and internal fuel in brick factory has been solved.
    1.Unique shift clearance technology the hammerhead does not need to be repaired after wear the moving position is used repeatedly one pair of hammerhead can be used with three pairs of hammerheads.
    2.The discharge particle size is uniform the crushing ratio is large the output is high the energy consumption is low the material can be broken more than 20 tons per hour and the cost of crushing cinder per ton is not more than 1.8 yuan.
    3.Suitable for fine crushing of brittle materials no clogging less dust and low noise.
    4.The machine shortens the retention time of the material in the crushing cavity and improves the service life of the vulnerable parts.
    5.The maintenance is fast and the side door on the upper side of the crusher can be opened so that the maintenance of the crusher and the replacement of vulnerable parts are very convenient.
    6.The high alloy wear-resistant hammer head is adopted and the hammer head hammer handle is used in combination only the hammer head is changed and the hammer handle is not changed.

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