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Active Lime Production Line

Capacity: 50 t/d-800 t/d
Type: Lime Activity
Materials: Limestone
Equipment: vertical preheater,lime kiln,bag filter
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Product Introduce:

  Active lime is produced from limestone, dolomite, chalk and other minerals with high calcium carbonate content by the calcination process under the temperature of 1000-1100 ° C. There are various processes for the active lime production, mainly including: Advanced 'Preheater-Rotary kiln-Vertical cooler' energy-saving process, Traditional 'long rotary lime kiln' process, Mixed buring vertical kiln process, Gas-fired or oil-fired vertical kiln process. The selection of the active lime process is effected by many factors, such as : the activity requirement, the fuel, the limestone sizes, production capacity, environmental-protection requirement.


  PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGYWe will select the most workable and efficient and economical solution based o the clients' specific requirement and conditions.

  Energy Saving Rotary Lime Kiln Process

  Rotary kiln is one kind of furnace which is widely used for calcined active lime production in the world. It is also widely used in many industries such as construction materials, metallurgy, chemical and environmental protection. The energy-saving rotary lime kiln has the advanced structure and stable operation. It adopts the vertical preheater with low pressure loss which can effectively improve the preheating effects. The raw materials’ decomposition rate in the vertical preheater can reach to 30% before entering into the rotary kiln. It is also suitable for different fuels including pulverized solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas fuel. The final lime products have high activity. This kind of rotary kiln already have been widely used in the steel industry and chemical industry.

  Traditional Rotary Lime Kiln Process

  The long rotary lime kiln has the characteristics of simple structure and stable operation. It increases the length of the rotary kiln cylinder to improve the preheating effect, and after preheating, the limestone is entering into the calcination zone for decomposition; The limestone feeding size can be 10 ~20 mm, 20~40 mm. It can use various fuels including pulverized solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas fuel. The final lime or dolime product has relatively higher activity. This kind of rotary kiln is suitable for middle & small production lines, and is suitable for the lime production with limestone with small sizes or lower heat strength.

  Mixed Burning Vertical Lime Kiln Process

  The qualified raw materials and solid fuels are mixed uniformly according to a certain proportion and then sent to the vertical kiln through a single bucket elevator for calcination. After calcination, the final lime products are discharged from the bottom of the vertical kiln through a discharge device to the conveyor, and the conveyor sends the final lime products to the storage silo. The hot flue gas generated by calcination will firstly go into the dust collecting system, and then the clean flue gas will be emitted through chimney to the atmosphere.