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Cement Production Line

Capacity: 50 t/d-3000 t/d
Type: Dry/Wet Process
Materials: Limestone, Clay, Gypsum etc
Equipment: Cement Mill, Cement Kiln etc
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Product Introduce:

Cement production line is the construction project to produce cement by a series of equipment. LVSSN group adopts advanced technology and equipment to improve the efficiency, technical level, advanced design, ensure the economical investment for the cement production line. 

  We design and manufacture equipment for new type dry method cement production line, which the capacity varies from 50t/d to 3000t/d.

  1. Proven Technology: New five-stage cyclone pre-heater system, high efficiency air girder grate cooler, multi-passage pulverized coal burner, Davison heat temperature fan, jet pulse dust collector, as well as chain-board elevator, chain conveyor adopted in this production line can ensure that the technology is advanced compared to other production lines with the same scale.

  2. Energy Saving: We invest substantially in researching and developing alternative fuel technology, and many of our market-leading products are specially designed for use with alternative fuels. Measures have been taken to save energy and reduce consumption. using chain-board elevator and air slides, reliability of the system is enhanced and conveying energy consumption is decreased.

  3. Environmental Protection: We provides emissions testing services to help determine if plants need to take emissions-reducing measures. For existing plants, we measure current emissions and make improvement recommendations. For new plants, we utilize the best predictive model in the industry, which calculates with great accuracy what the actual levels will be once the plant is up and operating at full capacity.

  4. High Degree of Automation: There is no manual operation in the process of mill running, which realizes the automatic control with long-term, stable, effective, makes milling process more stable, realizes fine work of production.


  Mined limestone is conveyed to crushers for the crushing process.After crushing, limestone, clay,iron powderand other materials will be ground into powder by ball mill or vertical mill, and then transported by air delivery chute to raw meal homogenization silo forstoring and further material mix.

  Raw meal shall get into the preheating decomposition system after homogenization where decomposition rate is about 95%, and raw meal is calcined into clinker in the rotary kiln, the formation of clinker.

  Then Clinker, gypsum and mixture is ground into qualified fineness cement in the cement mill. Classifier is adopted to adjust the fineness of cement, realizingenergy saving production. Cement packing machine and automatic loading machine are used for bagged cement delivery, and cement bulk  device for cementcanning leaving factory.

  We design and manufacture equipment for new type dry method cement production line, for which the capacity varies from 50t/d to 3000t/d. For more information about the cement manufacturing plant, please click here