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Ceramic Ball mill

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Product Introduce:

  Ceramic ball mill is the lining plate of the ball mill is made of ceramic ball mill, small capacity is generally applicable to the trial production stage of small batch production, is a new type of energy saving ball mill equipment developed by domestic mineral processing machinery experts combined with the latest ball mill technology.

  Ceramic ball mill is mainly used for material mixing, grinding, product fineness uniformity, saving power.It can be ground dry or wet.This machine can adopt different types of lining board according to production needs to meet different needs.The fineness of the grinding operation is controlled by the grinding time.Its structure is divided into integral type and independent type.

  The ceramic ball mill has the advantages of less investment, energy saving and electricity saving, novel structure, easy operation, safe operation, stable and reliable performance, etc. It is suitable for the mixing and grinding of ordinary and special materials.

  The user can choose the suitable type, lining board and medium type according to the specific gravity and hardness of the material and the output.

  Table of grid and performance parameters:


  Ceramic ball mill (suitable for ceramics, electric porcelain and refractory materials)