Coal mill


Applicable materials:Cement silicate products new building materials and etc.

Application:Cement metallurgy chemical industry and etc.



Coal mill is the main equipment of pulverized coal preparation system which is mainly used for pulverizing coal with various hardness and also for pulverizing coal and ore in cement metallurgy chemical industry and other industries.

The coal mill is a machine that crushes coal and grinds it into pulverized coal. It is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace.The coal grinding process is a process in which the coal is broken and its surface area is increasing.To add new surface areas the binding forces between solid molecules have to be overcome thus consuming energy.Coal is ground into pulverized coal in a coal mill mainly by crushing crushing and grinding three ways.There are energy savings from crushing.The grinding process takes energy.All kinds of coal mills have two or three ways mentioned above in the process of making powder.
Coal mill is one of the four auxiliary machines in thermal power station and the main equipment of pulverized coal preparation system.It is also suitable for pulverizing coal and ore in cement metallurgy chemical industry and other industries.Special steel ball coal mill is a new type of equipment widely used in thermal power plants.
    1.The coal mill rotates at the edge and is driven by an electric motor through reducer and large and small gears.
    2.The windswept structure with drying bin makes the mill more adaptable to the moisture content of raw coal.
    3.The silo is arranged in combination with step lining board double step lining board and corrugated lining board which improves the grinding ability of the mill.
    4.The feeding device adopts the louver type structure of inclined fan which enhances the heat exchange capacity of the mill and can effectively prevent the blocking phenomenon of coal mill inlet.

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