Energy saving ball mill

Capacity:0.6-170 t/h

Applicable materials:Quartz stone gold ore iron ore cement clinker and etc.


Energy-saving ball mill is suitable for grinding various kinds of ores and other materials which is widely used in mineral processing building materials and chemical industry etc

This energy-saving ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device with outer gear transmission two-bin grid type energy-saving ball mill.The material enters into the first bin of the mill uniformly through the feeding device through the feeding hollow shaft spiral. There is a ladder lining board or corrugated lining board in the bin and steel balls of different specifications are installed inside. The cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force which brings the steel balls to a certain height and then falls down thus producing a heavy blow and grinding effect on the material.After the material is roughed in the first bin it enters the second bin through the single compartment board which is inlaid with flat lining board and contains steel balls to further grind the material.The powder is discharged through the unloading grates to complete the grinding operation.
    1.Low starting current short starting time and flexible starting.The normal operating current decreases by 20% to 30% to achieve the purpose of power saving.
    2.Compared with the ordinary ball mill the power of the original motor is greatly reduced the installed capacity is reduced the working efficiency is improved and the reactive power loss is reduced.
    3.Make full use of the spare motor capacity and improve the liner structure can increase the output of 5%-7%.
    4.The ball mill to change the sliding bearing to rolling bearing not only bearing capacity long service life can be increased by more than 5.
    5.Reduce the maintenance of ball mill main bearing improve the sanitary environment without oil contamination.
    6.The ball mill adopts glycerine lubrication series to reduce the thin oil station facilities and motor power to reduce the fuel saving by 80% to 90%.
    7.Ball mill main bearing normal service life 8-13 years.
    8.Reduce the shutdown of ball mill due to increasing temperature of sliding bearing and the shutdown and production reduction caused by burning of main bearing tiles.

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