LVRM Vertical Mill

Feed particle size:30-40(mm)

Finish fineness:170-33μm

Applied material:Limestone marble granite quartz and etc.

Application:Raw material grinding clinker grinding slag and other fields.



Vertical grinding machine is a set of crushing drying grinding grading and transportation in one the system is simple compact layout covers an area of about 50% of the ball grinding system and can be arranged in the open air.

Trapezoidal grinding roller and ring are adopted to improve crushing efficiency.
This machine designs the grinding roller and grinding ring into a ladder shape which reduces the sliding speed of the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring thus prolonging the rolling time of the material and improving the crushing effect.
A pressurized spring that ACTS as a counterweight supercharger and an elastic connection that ACTS as a smooth shock absorber are used.
This machine adopts the lever principle the symmetrical roller assembly with horizontal spring through link together when the top put a big materials roller assembly the radial force can be passed to the roller assembly symmetrical plane to spring rod balance this condition the equipment of the whole stress point compared to other products increase by about 40%;
The elastic coupling device reduces vibration and noise and avoids resonance.
Equipped with the powder separator impeller can improve the precision and product density.
Practice shows that under the condition of constant rotation speed increasing the density of blades can improve the fineness of finished products. In other words under the condition that the fineness of finished products does not need to be changed the rotation speed of high-density impeller is lower than that of low-density impeller which reduces the airflow resistance and increases the output of finished products by more than 50% under the same power.
Equipped with a good energy - saving centrifugal fan.
The efficiency of straight blade old fan used in traditional grinding machine is only 62% while the efficiency of energy saving induced draft fan whose impeller and blade are both stamped by mould is more than 85%.
Convenient and fast impeller adjustment device.
The size of the gap between the end of the separator blade and the shell also affects the fineness of the finished product.
The unique design of the inward-sloping air duct ensures that the material entering into the shell of the wind chamber can smoothly fall into the mill along the inclined plane.
Is a better choice for enterprises!
    1.Vertical mill is a large - scale mill processing equipment which USES a large - scale roller pressing system.
    2.Vertical mill system is simple compact layout covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system and can be arranged in the open air greatly reduced.
    3.Vertical mill system is simple compact layout covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system and can be arranged in the open air greatly reduced.
    4.Jiangsu Lvssn With more professional services.

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